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Pres. Trump’s response to the violence in Charlottesville, VA is drawing criticism from both Republicans and Democrats, stating he should be denouncing hate groups by name. VA Governor Terry McCaulife has declared a state of emergency.

The driver of the car who mowed down several people marching in Charlottesville faces charges including second degree murder. Three others have been arrested in relation to the violent rally. Two VA State troopers were killed when their helicopter crashed on the south side of Charlottesville.

Two ministers with key roles in Brexit says the country will seek a time limited transition period to help businesses adjust. The Chancellor of the ex-Phillip Hammond and the trade sec Liam fox says the transition period cannot be indefinite.

An explosion in Quetta, Pakistan has killed more than 10 people. The military says one of its vehicles was targeted. This comes ahead of Independence Day when the Army puts on parades to demonstrate its force.

In India, more than 60 infants and children died within 6 days at a government hospital. Their families blame a shortage of oxygen, however officials deny that and has launched an investigation. It is reported that records of non-payment for the oxygen appear to undermine the claim there was no shortage. The hospital chief has been suspended.

Officials say rescue workers in northern India are on the scene of a deadly landslide triggered by heavy monsoon rains. 6 bodies have been recovered from 2 buses caught in the slide but it is unclear of how many people were in the buses.

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One woman was killed and more than a dozen hurt in Charlottesville, VA where throngs of white supremacists clashed with counter protestors. 20 year old James Alex Fields from OH has been charged with murder. Two VA state troopers who were helping law enforcement monitor the white nationalist rally were killed when their helicopter crashed.

Pres. Trump calls on Americans to reject hate. Some are critical saying he failed to call out the white supremacist movement.

After giving a passerby a Nazi salute, an American tourist in Germany was “roughed up.” He allegedly had an extremely high blood alcohol level and the man who punched his is still being sought.

In Texas, the governor is expected to sign a bill restricting insurance coverage for abortions except in the case of medical emergencies. Supporters say it will keep Texans who are opposed to abortion from subsidizing it and women will be able to purchase extra insurance to cover the procedure. Democrats say it would force women to buy “rape insurance.”

A woman in New Jersey was charged with attempted murder when she tried to use anti-freeze to poison her grandmother.

In response to new American sanctions, Iran says it plans to spend more money on its ballistic missile program. This comes in response to new American sanctions

The FDA is considering new rules for tobacco use to significantly lower nicotine content. Part of the proposal includes more studies on smokeless alternatives such as nicotine patches and vaping.

Tropical Depression Eight is located over the western Atlantic and is not expected to have significant impact on the US.

Landslides and flooding in Nepal have killed at least 47 people and the number is expected to climb.


Pres. Trump has been criticized for failing to explicitly denounce far-right extremists following Saturday’s violence in Charlottesville, VA. A 20 year old man has been charged with murder after he drove a car into anti-racist protestors, killing one person. Some are saying there has been a resurgence of extremist groups following Mr. Trump’s election.

Iran’s Parliament has overwhelmingly approved a bill allocating more than half a billion dollars of extra funding for its missile program. This comes in response to the latest rounds of US sanctions.

The defeated candidate in Kenya’s presidential election is coming under pressure to reign in his party’s rhetoric and call for calm. He is being urged by the UN Sec General to send a clear message to his supporters to refrain from violence.

Officials in Somalia say a former high-ranking member of Islamist group and his militia have surrendered to the government. Mukhtar Robow was Al- Shabaab’s deputy leader and spokesman before a fall out 4 years ago.

Authorities in Nepal report 49 have been killed within 48 hours. In Himachal Pradesh, India at least 30 feared dead after a landslide hit two buses.

Scientists say they have discovered 91 unrecorded volcanoes in western Antarctica which adds to 48 already discovered. Most of them are under the ice sheet that covers the region with the tallest standing nearly 4,000 meters high.

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