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President Trump will go to West Virginia today to hold a rally. The president has recently come out in support of several controversial social issues that are expected to do well among his core supporters.

Attorney General Sessions says he supports the new proposal to limit legal immigration, saying it will better protect the US. This will change the current method of getting green cards, and create a system using skills and English proficiency as ways to evaluate potential immigrants.

Authorities in Minneapolis say at least two people were killed and several other injured in an apparent natural gas explosion at a private school on Wednesday.

Venezuela’s Attorney General has opened an investigation in alleged electoral fraud following Sunday’s deeply divisive vote for a new assembly to rewrite Venezuela’s constitution. A British firm contracted to handle the votes says official turnout figures were false.

On Wall Street, the DOW is up 15 points.

The National Weather Service says a powerful heatwave continues to grip the West Coast. Temperatures will rise more than 15 degrees above normal this week, even in Washington State.

The German government is accusing Vietnamese intelligence services in taking part in the kidnapping of a former Vietnamese oil executive.

Brazil’s president has survived a vote against him in Brazil’s lower house of Congress. Deputies decided not to suspend the president on bribery allegations, but Brazil’s Attorney General is still expected to charge him on obstruction of justice charges.

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President Trump may be considering a change of command in Afghanistan, with a meeting scheduled for the White House today after yesterday’s attack by a suicide bomber killed two US soldiers. The White House said the President has no plans to fire the current commander in Afghanistan, and reports say the White House may send several thousand more troops.

Pres. Trump tweeted this morning that relations with Russia are at an all-time low, and he blamed Congress for it. Sen. John McCain said that Putin is to blame. Russia has said that the Trump showed weakness by caving to Congress on sanctions, and said hopes for better relations are over.

Four people in the hospital and two dead after a gas explosion at a school in Minnesota yesterday.

An apology from Black Lives Matter after a photo they claimed was a black man lynched by police turned out to be a white man who had committed suicide.

For the first time, scientists have been able to edit genes in human embryo to remove a disease causing mutation, but some worry that the technology may be used to create “designer babies.”

Police in Pennsylvania are looking for a woman who posed as a caseworker, barged into a house, and tried to take a child.


A leaked report in the US media suggests that Donald Trump applied pressure on the President of Mexico to stop saying publicly that his country would never pay for a wall to be built along the US-Mexican border. The Washington Post quotes Trump as privately acknowledging that funding would come from other sources.

President Trump has accused the US Congress of plunging relations with Russia to an all time, and very dangerous, low.

Russia’s defense ministry says it’s agreed to the creation of a third deescalation zone in Syria with what it called the “moderate Syrian opposition.”

A Vietnamese official who Germany says was kidnapped in Berlin and forced home has made a TV confession in which he says he returned to Hanoi voluntarily.

Spanish police have broken up an international criminal network involved in smuggling Iranian nationals into Britain.

In a tussle over the future of the world’s most expensive football player, the French Football League has called on its Spanish counterpart to not block his transfer from Barcelona to Paris-Saint Germain.

The British television film and theater actor Robert Hardy, most known for his role as Cornelius Fudge in Harry Potter, has died at 91.

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