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Hurricane Maria has sustained winds of 160mph. It may reach Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands overnight. The area is heavily damaged following the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. In the British Virgin Islands, people are worried about shelters which are already damaged from Irma.
President Trump is speaking at 10am to the UN General Assembly in New York. He’s expected to discuss security and issues involving North Korea and Iran.
News reports indicate that former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort has been wiretapped. CNN and CBS report the surveillance began in 2014 and lasted into this year. It’s not clear if the surveillance found any contact between Manafort and Trump. The reports say the information has been shared with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who’s leading the Russian interference investigation.
Donald Trump’s long time personal lawyer is scheduled to meet with Congressional investigators today. He is expected to be interviewed about any contacts with Russia.
Protest organizers in St. Louis plan to continue demonstrations against police brutality today. They are protesting the ‘not guilty’ verdict of a white police officer who fatally shot a black man in 2011.
On Wall Street, the DOW is up 20 points, with the NASDAQ up a fraction.
A new study from Boston University link participation in youth tackle football with impaired mood and behavior later in life.
Republican Senators are again working to bring a healthcare bill to replace the ACA. This would let insurance companies boost prices on people with serious preexisting conditions.

The retailer Toys-R-Us is asking for bankruptcy protection in federal court. It’s got $5 billion in debt and a lot of online competition.

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The Secretary General of the UN says our world is in trouble from climate change, urging governments to accept the Paris Accord.
Pres. Trump recently arrived in New York where he’s addressing the UN General Assembly.
Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, has recently released a statement indicating that he is innocent of all accusations regarding collusions with Russian officials.
Hearings are about to start at the Senate as the Navy’s leader faces questions about a ship collision at sea during which dozens of sailors were killed.
Hurricane Maria is damaging islands in the Caribbean intensely after having been declared a Category 5 hurricane.
The DOW hit an all-time high with the NASDAQ and the S&P500 up as well.
The price of oil is up $.30 and gas is down slightly.
Toys ”R” Us is filing for bankruptcy as it faces stiff competition from online retailers.


Hurricane Maria has pummeled the eastern Caribbean Island of Dominica with torrential rain and winds of more than 250km an hour. The island’s prime minster Roosevelt Skerrit, said early reports suggested wide-spread devastation. The island of Guadeloupe had power supplies knocked out.
President Trump is preparing to deliver his first speech to the United Nations General Assembly, the White House says mister Trump’s address will focus on what it called, “rouge regimens” that threaten world peace. He’s expected to call for greater pressure on Pyongyang over it’s nuclear program. In his own address to member states, the UN Secretary General António Guterres called for statesmanship on the issue, he said, “the world can not sleepwalk into nuclear war,”.
The UN has demanded full and unfettered access to Myanmar, from where more than 400,000 Muslims Rohingyas have fled army clearance operations. In her first address to the nation on the crisis, the Burmese leader, Aung San Suu Kyi told diplomats they could visit troubled areas themselves.
Police in London say that the number of people who have died in the Grenfall Tower fire in June may be lower than the original figure of around 80. Police also say they may bring manslaughter charges against individuals.
Kenya’s Chief of Justice, David Mondacca has said that threats to the country’s judiciary has been increasing, following the ruling by the Supreme Court annulling last month’s presidential election. On Tuesday, supporters of President Kenyatta protested outside his court.
A former German spy who also worked as a gay porn actor as also been found guilty of attempting to share state secrets with Jihadists, no evidence of a plot was found. The man known as Rocky M. said he pretended to be a Jihadist online, because he was bored, when looking after his disabled son.

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