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Hurricane Irma has weakened to a Category 3 storm with 120mph winds, although it is still considered very powerful.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio says he’s concerned that Irma’s trajectory could mean that manpower and equipment positioned out of state won’t be able to get in.

The coast remains under a mandatory evacuation order as the hurricane will still bring flooding.

Goldman Sachs says Hurricane Harvey will likely depress third quarter economic growth by a full percentage point.

Today brings the first official games of the new NFL stadium, and outside several stadiums fans are gathering to support former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who famously took a knee (or declined to stand) during the national anthem to protest police brutality. A dozen Browns took the knee previously also in solidarity.

In Australia, thousands of demonstrators turned out in Sidney today supporting legalizing same-sex marriage. Ballots are being mailed this week for a non-binding vote.

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Hurricane Irma’s winds have been downgraded in severity. South Florida has been hit by the hurricane recently, with the entirety of the state of Florida hit by the effects of the storm. Hurricane Irma first came to shore in the Florida Keys six hours ago, when winds are still raging.

A woman in Miami was forced to give birth to her own child in the storm without the help of a working hospital.

Pope Francis hit the left side of his face against a vertical bar in his Popemobile while he was waving to crowds, leaving him with a black eye.

Stephen King’s ‘It’ is #1 at the box office.


More than a million homes and business in the US are without power as Hurricane Irma advances on the mainland with winds at around 200km/hr. The storm has already hit the southernmost islands of the Florida keys, and much of Miami is under siege.

The ex-president of Georgia has successfully passed from Poland into the Ukraine after two failed attempts. Ukraine is the man’s adopted homeland, but he was stripped of citizenship after accusing Poroshenko of refusing to take effort to fight corruption.

The Burmese government has apparently rejected a ceasefire declaration by Muslim Mujahadeen militants. A spokesperson said the government will not negotiate with terrorists. A local crackdown which prompted many to flee to neighboring Bangladesh.
Health officials in Nigeria say the number of suspected cases of Cholera in a northeastern state has doubled in the last few days. It now stands at nearly 1300.

A German police officer has become the first woman to officiate a top-level match between Europe’s biggest football leagues.

The British cyclist has won this year’s Vuelta a España, the Tour of Spain. He becomes only the third rider to do so in the same year as winning the Tour de France.

Pope Francis has suffered a black eye on the last day of his visit to Columbia. He hit his face on the Popemobile.

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