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Hurricane Irma has been lashing Cuba after devastating several Caribbean islands. This is the 1st time in history that a category 5 hurricane has hit Cuba in decades. It has weakened slightly to a Category 4 hurricane and is expected to make landfall in Florida tomorrow.

Millions in Florida are under a mandatory evacuation. Some in Orlando who are not covered by an evacuation order have decided to stay in spite of being advised to seek safer ground.

In Puerto Rico, more than a million of the island’s 1.5 million electricity customers were without power after their electrical grid collapsed in the aftermath of Irma. Officials say they’ve cut that number down to 865,000. The governor said the crisis is due to archaic and poorly maintained infrastructure. It could take weeks to get the grid fully operational.

Officials in France estimate that Irma caused more than a billion dollars in damage over the French islands in the Caribbean. The statement comes as Hurricane Jose passes through the region. In Mexico, Katia has been downgraded to a tropical storm and is expected to weaken further.

Fox News has dropped Eric Bolling after a legal review of allegations that he sexually harassed colleagues. The investigation focused in mainly on allegations that he sent texts with pictures of male genitalia. His 5 PM opinion show will be replaced by a new news program. Charles Payne just returned to the air after being cleared of related claims.

In the men’s finals at the US Open, Rafael Nadal will play Kevin Anderson, who was the first South African to reach a grand slam final in more than 30 years. Rafael Nadal will be going for his 16th grand slam championship. The women’s finalists today, Sloane Stevens and Madison Keys are playing for the championship and it is the 1st grand slam title match for both.

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Officials in Florida say their focus at this time is the preservation of life as Irma shifts further to the west. The rains have started as Irma continues to lash Cuba with 155 mph winds. Millions of Florida residents are heeding warnings to evacuate. More than 5.6 million people are under evacuation orders. President Trump is urging everyone in the storm’s path to heed all recommendations from government officials.

The number of dead is up to 61 in Mexico following Fridays 8.1 magnitude earthquake. Many are homeless and fearful of aftershocks which could occur for up to 2 weeks after the main earthquake.

A house exploded in Illinois killing 1 person. It is unclear what caused it and some surrounding houses were damaged.

The arena in Manchester, England where a terrorist attack killed 22 people is reopening with a benefit concert. The venue has been closed since May. The “We Are Manchester” profits will go towards establishing a permanent memorial to the victims.

French President Emmanuel Macron has welcomed “first dog” Nemo. He is a black Labrador-griffon mix.


Six million people, about a quarter of the population of Florida, have been ordered to evacuate their homes due to Hurricane Irma forecasted to rip through the state Sunday. Officials warn it could kill anyone who failed to get out of the way.

Irma is now lashing Cuba with strong winds and heavy rain after devastating several Caribbean Islands and is moving along the northeastern coast with wind speeds of more than 250 kilometers an hour.

Mexico’s president has declared a day of national mourning after a powerful earthquake killed more than 60 people. 3 of the poorest states in the country suffered the most, losing hundreds of buildings.

Officials say they have evidence that the army in Myanmar has planted landmines along its border with Bangladesh to where huge numbers of Rohingya Muslims have fled. The claims are based on eyewitness accounts and its analysis by weapons experts.

Saudi Arabia has suspended dialogue with Qatar after an apparent breakthrough in efforts to resolve the dispute between the 2 countries. The emir of Qatar spoke to the Saudi Crown Prince by telephone, but there was anger from the Saudis who said Qatar’s news agency should have said its side initiated the call.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged voters to back her Christian Democrats in the election 15 days from now. She said they transformed a country that was the sick man of Europe when her opponents were in government.

The Chinese government has bought the first parcels of land for what will eventually become an entirely new city to the south of Beijing.

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