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Flooding has started to recede in the greater Houston Metro area, however, flooding from the Natchez River has overwhelmed Beaumont’s water supply system. Officials are trying to get bottled water into the city, but all major roads are flooded. The death toll from Hurricane Harvey is 36 and hundreds of thousands have been displaced.

Officials in Houston say no one should fear seeking help because of immigration status, however many still refuse. Immigrants here without legal status will not get help from FEMA unless they have US born children, and advocates are working to establish private funds for them.

Kenya’s Supreme Court has thrown out the results of last month’s presidential elections and ordered another election in the next 60 days. They found the vote was conducted in an unconstitutional manner. It was announced that the incumbent had beat his opponent by more than a million votes. In a 4-2 decision, the court found there were so many irregularities, they affected the integrity of the elections.

The US government has ordered the Russian government to close its consulate in San Francisco and other offices in NYC, Washington. This is in retaliation for a recent Russian decision that the US reduce its diplomatic staff in Russian by hundreds of people.

As the US cleans up after Hurricane Harvey, there are two more storms in the Atlantic and the Pacific. Hurrican Irma in the Atlantic tops sustained winds at 115 mph. Tropical storm Lydia in the Pacific is poised to make landfall on the southern tip of Baja, CA, with winds up to 65 mph.

In San Antonio, a prominent Confederate monument was moved in the middle of the night. City officials voted to relocate the monument to a museum.

The Labor Dept. will release the latest unemployment numbers today. Economists suggest the August unemployment rate will remain steady at 4.3%

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Homeowners in TX are beginning to clean up and there is a lot of uncertainty as people return home not knowing what to expect. More areas could flood due to several rising rivers. The death toll is 39. It is estimated that more than 90,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed. Pres. Trump is urging Congress to approve nearly $6 billion for the initial recovery, and he’ll  be in the Houston area tomorrow.

Prices of gas have risen up 30 to 40 cents at some stations. There are long lines at gas stations, as people fear a shortage.

Pres. Trump may follow through on a promise regarding DACA. The announcement could come today, however, the program is still under review. Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine tweeted that if the President ends DACA, he will betray dreamers who he said he’d treat with a great heart.

Four concrete-based companies have been selected to build wall prototypes in San Diego for the border wall Pres. Trump vowed to build. Next week, other kinds of companies who will build prototypes other than concrete will be announced. President Trump has threatened a government shutdown if a spending plan doesn’t include funding to build the actual wall.

The August jobs report comes out today and is expected that about 180,000 people were hired and unemployment might have held steady at 4.3%. It could affect stocks as futures are up ahead of this. The DOW rose 55 yesterday.

The 2nd ranked Buckeyes beat Indiana 49-21. 10th ranked Oklahoma State beat Tulsa 59-24. In baseball, the Cubs beat the Braves. The Detroit Tigers lost 2 big stars. Justin Verlander is now a member of the Houston Astros and Justin Upton is with the Los Angeles Angels.


The Supreme Court in Kenya has overturned the results of last months presidential election and ordered a re-run of the vote in 60 days. The judgment says the election was not in accordance with the Constitution and laws of Kenya.

The UN says nearly 40,000 refugees from Myanmar’s Rohingya minority have fled to Bangladesh in the past week. The bodies of 26, including 11 children were found on Friday.

The president of Turkey has described the US decision to by US prosecutors to file assault charges against 19 people, mostly from his security detail as scandalous. Videos show his supporters punching and kicking pro Kurdish protesters during his visit to Washington in May.

UN officials in Syria say they believe the beginning of the end of the war there is in sight. Islamic State group is likely to face defeat in its last remaining stronghold soon.

Russia’s Foreign minister blames the Obama administration for the latest US sanctions on Moscow following Washingtons closure of the Russian consulate in San Francisco

France’s Foreign Minister believes North Korea will have the capability to launch long range missiles within the next few months and describes the situation as extremely grave.

The German city of Aachen has begun offering the local population free potassium iodide tablets in case of t a nuclear accident at the plant across the border in Belgium. They are designed to prevent cancer.

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