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North Korea says it has successfully tested a hydrogen nuclear weapon. Pyongyang says it can be loaded on an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the US. Pres. Trump tweeted that N. Korea is a “great threat and an embarrassment to China, which is trying to help, but with little success.” China has not said how it will respond.

FEMA is working in Texas to process hundreds of thousands of requests for federal assistance. There are 600,000 people in Houston and many don’t qualify for help from FEMA unless they have a US born child. Private groups from Austin and Mexico began delivering necessities into immigrant neighborhoods.

EU has criticized Britain’s approach to Brexit talks. Brexit’s chief negotiator says the EU wants a higher settlement and have set it up to try and create pressure.

The UN Children’s Agency reports 16 million children have been affected by catastrophic flooding in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh are in urgent need of life-saving assistance. Nearly 1300 people have been killed and millions have been left homeless.

Officials in San Diego County have declared a public health emergency due to the spread of Hepatitis A. Nearly 400 people have been hospitalized and 15 have died, with the homeless population being hit the hardest.


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President Trump described North Korea as hostile and dangerous after a major nuclear test overnight. North Korea claims it is a hydrogen bomb but the Richter scale suggests it is 10 times more powerful than any bomb before it. The range could reach mainland US. Russia’s foreign ministry is calling for immediate dialogue.

Water will continue to inundate some neighborhoods in Houston. Officials say rising reservoirs will release more water over the next 2 weeks and that has homes being evacuated. In a small area of about 4600 homes. If you are in that area get out.

A mother and 2 young children are dead after a fast moving fire in Hamburg, PA. A man was able to escape after jumping out of a 2nd story window.

Some damaged and waterlogged churches in SE TX are opening their doors for Sunday service for the 1st time since Hurricane Harvey blew through. Pres. Trump signed a proclamation declaring today the National Day of Prayer. Pres. Trump met with storm victims yesterday and the White House is waiting for Congress to pass a nearly $8 billion relief package.

A brush fire north of Los Angeles has grown to nearly 6,000 acres. LA Mayor says hundreds of homes in the Burbank area remain evacuated.

An 8th grader in Vermont is running for Governor. The 13-year-old can make his bid because there is no minimum legal age for candidates. His mom and dad say they are not political but their son has always been into history.

Some fisherman were able to rescue 20 sailors after a cargo ship sank off the southern coast of Oman.



North Korea says it has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb which can be loaded onto a missile. It’s the sixth underground nuclear test in just over a decade. Japanese scientists say it was 10 times more powerful than the one last year. China is calling on the North to respect UN resolutions and halt its nuclear tests. Russia says it is a serious threat to peace and security. South Korea’s president calls for the strongest punishment against the North.

UN officials say 73,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled to Bangladesh from Myanmar since the Army there began a campaign against militants less than 2 weeks ago. Many more are still arriving.

South Africa’s Deputy President has admitted having an extra marital affair. He denies reports of multiple affairs as part of a political smear campaign against him. He says he believes government resources are being used to try and stop him from contesting the leadership of the governing ANC in November.

The former governor of India’s central bank says the government’s decision to withdraw high denomination currency notes cannot be called a success. The unexpected move last November caused economic chaos.

Police in Malaysia have arrested 8 suspected members of the Abu Sayyaf militant group, which has links with the Islamic State organization. The group is based in the southern Philipines.

Tens of thousands of residents of the German city of Frankfort have left their homes for the day to allow experts to defuse a massive unexploded bomb from the 2nd World War.


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