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US Defense Department Officials are being sent to Puerto Rico to help direct hurricane response efforts and to see how the US military can better assist. Food, fuel, and clean water remain scarce. The Trump Administration has suspended the Jones Act, shipping rules that will allow foreign ships to bring goods, for ten days.

One man has been injured at Yosemite National Park after another huge rock fall. This comes after a rock fall Wednesday that killed a man and injured his wife. Officials say it was probably triggered by Wednesday’s incident.

US Ambassador Nikki Haley wants countries to stop sending weapons to Myanmar until they stop what she calls “ethnic cleansing” and calls what is going on there a “human rights nightmare.” Rohingya refugees have been giving bone-chilling accounts of the violence they faced there. The US and the UN are calling for humanitarian access and for Myanmar to allow refugees to return home.

HHS Sec. Tom Price will reimburse the federal government nearly $52,000 to cover a small part of his tax-payer funded travel on private charter planes. Politico reports the cost may be close to $1 million which would include the price for staffers who traveled with him.

Immigration officials say they have arrested almost 500 people for immigration violations in so-called sanctuary cities. Some of them are in the Los Angeles area. The LA Police Chief says they must keep the feds at arms-length to allow the police to do their job and it breaks down communication between them and immigration communities. ICE officials in LA say they target people with criminal records and repeat offenders.

Former Utah Governor John Huntsman has been confirmed by the Senate as the new US Ambassador to Russia. They also confirmed John Bass as ambassador to Afghanistan and Justin Hicks Siberell to be ambassador to Bahrain.
Sec of State Rex Tillerson is in China preparing for Pres. Trumps visit in November and is expected to discuss UN sanctions on N. Korea.

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Nobody took a knee as the Packers and Bears kicked off the NFL season last night without the controversy Pres. Trump helped stir up, angry about players kneeling during the National Anthem. Both teams stood linking arms in what they called unity. Some fans in the stands made it clear that they were not on board with players taking a knee and a sign was posted, “Protests on your own time, and not on our dime.” Packers won 35-14.

Puerto Rico is still without power and federal response is being questioned amid food and fuel shortages, while containers sit at ports full of supplies. HSA officials say the challenge is distributing the items. Pres. Trump plans to go there on Thursday.

Pres Trump plans to tout his tax plan today at the National Association of Manufacturers gathering.

HHS Sec Tom Price will pay the federal government nearly $52,000 to repay his seats on charter flights he took for government business. He pledged to fly commercial; no exceptions. Pres. Trump said he is not happy about it and when asked if he will fire Price he responded with, “We’ll see.”

A stampede at a train station in Mumbai, India has left 22 dead and more injured. It happened on a pedestrian bridge as people feared it would collapse.

Days after Kurds voted for independence in their region of Iraq in a non binding referendum, Baghdad is retaliating ordering all international airlines to halt flights in and out of 2 cities starting today. The Pentagon reports progress in ISIS there and in Syria.

Sec of State Tillerson makes a 2nd trip to China as the US is leaning on China to help stop the N. Korean nuclear program.
Another rock fall has been reported at the Yosemite National Park, injuring 1 person.

Stock futures are flat after the DOW gained 40 points, the S&P rose to another record high, and overseas markets are mixed.


A stampede at a railway station in Mumbai has resulted in 22 deaths. It occurred after rush hour on a pedestrian bridge. Eyewitnesses said heavy rainfall led to overcrowding on the bridge.

A mass corruption trial in Vietnam has ended with a death sentence for the former head of a bank who suffered large economic losses. He was found guilty of mismanagement and embezzling millions of dollars.

The president of the European Parliament said he will work for a political solution to resolve the dispute of a Catalan plan to seek independence from Spain.

Cameroon has banned public meetings and travel between towns in the mainly English speaking parts of the country ahead of planned protests Sunday, where activists say they will demand independence for Anglophone Cameroon.

Afghan officials say there has been a large explosion near a Shia mosque in Kabul. This is the week of Ashura, which is an annual Shia festival.

The head of the European Commission says there would need to be a miracle for there to be sufficient progress in Brexit negotiations for European leaders to sanction parallel talks with Britain on trade by the end of October. PM Teresa May said earlier that Brexit talks were making progress.

Technology entrepreneur Elon Musk has unveiled plans to send cargo ships to Mars in the next 5 years and use smaller rockets to carry people between major cities on Earth within an hour. He says at least 2 cargo ships would place life support infrastructure on Mars to support a future manned mission.

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