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We had two fantastic guests talking with us on the topic of the 9/11 anniversary; former CIA officer John Kirakou and former Islamic extremist Ismael Royer, who spent 14 years in prison.

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Hurricane Irma is barely at hurricane status with winds of 75 mph as it moves north. It is expected to weaken to a tropical storm later today. Georgia Gov Nathan Deal declared a state of emergency for all of Ga’s 59 counties. This is the 1st time there has ever been a tropical storm warning for Atlanta and most of Ga’s coast is under a mandatory evacuation.

The UN is expected to vote today on the US backed resolution which would impose an oil embargo and put a freeze on Kim Jong-un’s assets among other things. China supports action against N. Korea, but along with Russia, does not support a ban on the sale of oil to Pyongyang. China and Russia also oppose a US proposal permitting the inspection of vessels suspected of carrying contraband.

Today is the 16th anniversary of the September 11th attacks and memorials are planned in NY and at the Pentagon. Vice Pres Mike Pence will speak in PA at the crash site of United Airlines Flight 93. Former Homeland Sec Director who was Gov of PA on 9/11, Tom Ridge, hailed the victims who “won the 1st battle in the war against terrorism.”

Schools in 2 districts in southern Mexico will be closed due to last week’s 8.1 magnitude earthquake. 90 people were killed and tens of thousands of buildings were damaged or leveled. Officials report hundreds of aftershocks.

Pope Francis is calling for an end to political violence in Venezuela where more than 120 people have been killed in anti-government protests. Wrapping up a 5 day trip to Columbia he called on people to reject violence and to find a solution to the economic crisis that hurts poor people the most.

US gas prices have increased 30 cents in the past 2 weeks making the average price $2.69 per gallon. The increase is due to the closure of refineries because of Hurricane Harvey.

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More than 4 million homes and businesses are without power in Florida. Tree damage, flooding, and rising waters have been reported, and reports of downed power lines in Tampa. Officials report that 911 rescue response has been resumed. It is expected to weaken to a tropical storm, but GA, AL, and the TN river valley remain on alert. A tornado threat is ongoing for northeast FL, Ga, and the Carolinas.

More than 160,000 rode out the storm in shelters across the state of Florida and there have been reports of looting and arrests.

At a home in Plano, TX a gunman was killed by police responding to shots fired. They located 9 victims, 7 which of which were deceased and 2 injured. The motive is unknown.

It has been 16 years since terrorists struck the US using 4 airplanes. At 8:46 am EST American Airlines Flight 11 was flown into the north World Trade Center tower. At 9:03 United Flight 175 hit the south tower, at 9:37 American Airlines 77 was flown into the Pentagon, and then at 10:03 United Flight 93 went down in a field in PA. Both towers were brought down in less than 2 hours and almost 3,000 people were killed.

Pres. Trump will observe a moment of silence at the White House, then he and the First Lady will go to the Pentagon for the ceremony there. Vice Pres Mike Pence will be at the memorial in PA.

Pope Francis will return to Rome today, ending his South American trip with a black eye after hitting the left side of his face against a vertical bar on his custom made Pope Mobile. A spokesman says the Pope is fine.

On Wall Street, stocks could rise to start the week with futures higher and markets going up overseas.

Miss North Dakota was crowned as the new Miss America.


UN human rights officials say a systematic attack on Rohingyas in Myanmar amounts to ethnic cleansing but the situation cannot be properly assessed because UN investigators are barred from the area. Meanwhile, authorities in Bangladesh have started a massive operation to register the hundreds of thousands newly arrived Rohingyas.

Hurricane Irma is continuing to pummel central FL dumping torrential rains, but wind strengths have dropped sharply from Sunday. Storm surge warnings remain in place as millions of residents are without electricity and many in evacuation areas far from their homes.

The Islamist group, al-Shabaab, attacked an army base in a Somali town near the border with Kenya and Ethiopia. They rammed the base with a vehicle packed with explosives then stormed it on foot.

A doctor in a Red Cross hospital in Afghanistan has been murdered. She was shot dead by 2 men who were patients there. The men were disabled and hid their guns in their plastic, prosthetic legs.

A Russian court in Crimea has sentenced a Tata leader to 8 years in jail for his part in organizing street protests in the run up to Russia’s annexation of the peninsula from Ukraine. He was found guilty of stirring up mass disorder at the protests in February 2014.

Ukrainian authorities have opened a criminal case against the former Georgian Pres Saakashvili after he forced his way through a border post from Poland into Ukraine. He was granted Ukrainian citizenship in 2015 but had it stripped from him last July after a fallout with Ukrainian Pres Poroshenko.

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