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Protests erupted in St. Louis after a white former police officer who fatally shot a black man six years ago was found ‘not guilty’ of murder. Officer Jason Stockley shot and killed Anthony Lamar Smith following a suspected drug deal.

Members of the UN Security Council are in an emergency meeting following North Korea’s latest missile test. President Trump insists that there are options to deal with N. Korea, and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is confident in sanctions on N. Korea.

Hundreds of US troops are heading to Afghanistan, a part of President Trump’s strategy to provide more training to the Afghan army. Fifteen hundred could arrive by the end of this month.

Harvard is withdrawing its fellowship invitation to Chelsea Manning. The dean says offering the honorific to Manning was a “mistake.” This comes after top intelligence officials canceled speaking arrangements at Harvard.

A high-ranking diplomat at the Vatican’s US Embassy is back at Vatican City. Prosecutors say he may have violated child pornography laws.

NY Gov. Andrew Coumou is banning state agencies from asking people about their immigration status.

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft is now dust. As planned, the spacecraft dove into Saturns atmosphere this morning, ending what NASA calls a thrilling 13 year tour of the planet.

In London, 29 people have been injured after a blast from an IED in a subway carriage. It is being treated as terrorism. It caused a stampede of passengers trying to exit the train.

Japan is calling N. Korea’s latest missile launch a serious act of provocation after a missile flew over Japan before it landed in the sea. S. Korea retaliated by sending a missile of its own about 150 miles into the sea off its east coast. Sec. of State Tillerson called on other countries to take new measures to isolate N. Korea economically and diplomatically.

Three former female employees of Google have filed a lawsuit alleging the company discriminates against women in pay and promotions. They claim Google is breaking labor laws by paying women less than men for similar work. In April, Google denied accusations from the US Dept. of Labor of extreme pay discrimination.

Police in Hollywood Hills, FL are continuing a criminal investigation into a nursing home where 8 residents died after Hurricane Irma struck. The air conditioning was not working and conditions were sweltering.

There were peaceful protests last night on the University of CA Berkeley campus where controversial conservative speaker appeared. 9 people were arrested outside, however inside the atmosphere was festive. The speaker, Ben Shapiro, is the former Breitbart News editor on tour at colleges across the country. UC Berkeley brought in extra security and will consider doing the same in 2 weeks when Steve Bannon is planned to speak.

In the Philipines, the chief of police in Manilla has ordered that the entire force in one of the cities largest areas be pulled from duty and retrained after some officers were suspected of the bloody killing of 3 teens in a house burglary. The retraining will last 45 days.

A typhoon has been reported in Vietnam with winds of 84 mph. There are no immediate reports of deaths or injuries, however, trees have fallen and power lines are down.

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Pres. Trump tweeted this morning about London’s 5th terrorist attack this year saying, “…these are sick and demented people that must be dealt with much tougher.” Officials are urging the public to contact them if they have info regarding a small explosion on a subway training, burning some people. 29 people were injured with non-life threatening injuries.

Japan is angry about the N. Korea’s latest missile launch over their country. The UN will meet again today. Sec. of State Rex Tillerson is calling on China and Russia to do more.

The President is about to speak to military personnel at Base Andrews in Maryland, before heading to his golf resort in Jersey for the weekend,

There are protests going on in downtown St. Louis after the acquittal of a white former police officer who shot and killed a black man after a high speed chase six years ago.

The Cassini spacecraft has disintegrated into Saturn’s atmosphere after 13 years studying the planet.

The retrial against Bill Cosby will take place in April 2018, after charges that he drugged and molested a woman more than a decade ago.

There were protests at UC Berkeley last night. Demonstrators were angry about conservative Ben Shapiro’s appearance. Shapiro joked about Berkeley’s barricades to keep Antifa from invading the premises which means Berkeley has built a wall before Donald Trump. There were 9 arrests.

A diplomat at the Vatican’s embassy in Washington has been recalled to Rome for possibly violating child pornography laws. The State Dept. wants that official’s diplomatic immunity lifted but the Vatican denied that saying that prosecutors there will have their own investigation.

Chelsea Manning, the transgender soldier freed by former Pres. Obama after a conviction for leaking military secrets, will not be visiting Harvard after they rescinded the offer. There was a negative reaction from current and former CIA officials. Director Mike Pompeo canceled his speech calling Manning a traitor.

Wall Street futures are flat before today’s trading. It set another record high yesterday after rising 5 points.

The Indians set an American League record beating the Royals 3-2 with a 22 game streak which is baseball’s longest in a century.


The UN Security Council is holding an emergency meeting to discuss a missile fired by N. Korea. The US, China, and Russia have all condemned the test, but it’s not clear that they’ll be able to agree on a joint response. The UN ambassador for the US said if sanctions do not work, Washington has a range of military options available.

The Parliament in Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region has voted to approve an independence referendum to be held in 10 days. The Iraqi government is strongly against any moves by the Kurds to break away.

The Nigerian army says its now categorizes the separatist group, The Indigenous People of Biafra, as a terrorist organization. It says the group has formed a secret service and carries weapons.

The Vatican has recalled a priest working at its embassy in Washington after the US State Department said he may have violated laws relating to images of childhood sex abuse. The Vatican said the priest had returned to Rome and an investigation was underway.

Security experts say a makeshift bomb planted on a packed Tube train in London could have killed or maimed anyone nearby if it had gone off as intended. Nearly thirty people are being treated, mostly for flashburns. The Islamic State has claimed the attack as one of their own.

Demonstrations in a town at the center of Papua New Guinea’s bauxite mining industry have continued into a fifth day. Bauxite is essential for the production of aluminum. Reports say two have been killed, and almost eighty people injured. The protests are occurring because people say they haven’t benefited from the region’s mineral wealth.

The US Sec. of State Rex Tillerson says China and Russia need to take direct action against N. Korea after they fired a 2nd missile within weeks. China has denounced Pyongyang and called on the US to play a larger role in resolving the problem. S. Korea responded by immediately carrying out missile tests of its own.

An explosion on a tube train in London is being treated as a terrorist incident. There was a blast in one of the carriages followed by a wall of flames. People were hurt trying to flee the train.

Harvard University has withdrawn its offer of a visiting fellowship to Chelsea Manning, the former US soldier convicted of a massive leak of classified data. The head of the school said he was wrong to bestow a fellowship on Ms. Manning because many saw it as an honor. She is still allowed to visit as a guest speaker.

The police chief in Manilla has order that the entire force in part of the city be disbanded following protests of recent police killings of civilians as Pres. Duterte continues his controversial war on drugs.

Pakistan’s supreme court has dismissed an appeal by the deposed Prime Minister against its earlier decision to disqualify him from office over undeclared income. The court said the reasons for the ruling will be given later.

The Cassini spacecraft is collecting its last data from Saturn before destroying itself after one of the most successful space explorations in history. NASA is destroying the spacecraft because it has run out of fuel.

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