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Pres. Trump plans to visit Houston and Lake Charles, Louisiana today. He will meet with storm survivors as well as first responders and volunteers. Houston recovery efforts are under way, however further east is still about rescuing people and saving lives. Lawmakers say they will act quickly on the President’s request for nearly $8 billion in aid.

Scientists say that more than 50% of the flooding in and around Houston was outside any known flood zone. They say the findings suggest that government-drawn flood maps may no longer represent the true risk of flooding in the Houston area.

Pres. Trump is expected to announce next week whether he will end the program that protects young immigrants from deportation. The DACA program shields hundreds of thousands of so called dreamers who were illegally brought to the US by their parents. He could either decide to revoke the permits or gradually phase out the program. Top Republicans, including Paul Ryan, want the president to hold off to give them time to come up with a legislative solution.

Kenya is preparing for a new presidential election. The Supreme Court there nullified the reelection victory last month of President Kenyatta. He originally said he respects the decision but has since blasted the court as “crooked.”

The State Dept. says incidents affecting the health of American diplomats in Cuba continued as recently as last month. 19 have been affected. Some sort of sonic device was blamed for the problems but investigators say no such device has been found.

Wall Street stocks ended the week in positive territory. Investors were cheered by an upward revision to 2nd quarter GDP growth and Pres. Trumps renewed push for tax cuts.


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The President and First Lady plan to head to Houston to meet with residents as well as first responders. They will also travel to hard hit Lake Charles, LA.

New evacuations are underway in Houston. The mayor sent a new evacuation request for residents south of Interstate 10. The storm has moved on but the situation is still dire. Rescue workers continue door to door looking for those who need help. The storm has claimed at least 42 lives.

Hurricane Irma is swirling and could reach the Bahamas by next weekend. It could be a category 4 possibly category 5.

Army Staff Sgt. Emil Rivera-Lopez went missing last week after the crash of a Black Hawk helicopter off the southern coast of Yemen. Since July, at least 25 US service members have been killed in aircraft crashes.

An airshow in Moscow ended abruptly and tragically in front of spectators after a bi-plane crashed and burst into flames. It killed 2 people on board but no one on the ground was hurt. The cause of the crash is under investigation.

The State Dept. says more alleged sonic attacks are being reported with at least 19 American diplomats in Cuba getting sick. They have been experiencing hearing loss, headaches, and mild traumatic brain injury. The State Dept is monitoring the situation and Cuba denies any wrongdoing.

Thousands of bags of heroin were found during a drug raid in Philadelphia Friday morning. Some of the law enforcement officials were sickened and had to be taken to the hospital for being exposed to the drugs. They’ve been released. 10 people were arrested and also taken to the hospital for exposure to the drugs.

Temperatures in San Francisco reached 106 degrees making it one of the hottest days in the city’s history. In Southern CA, triple digit temperatures are expected to dip into the 90s.



The US led coalition says it is determined to block a convoy of buses carrying hundreds of Islamic State militants from reaching IS held territory in Eastern Syria. The fighters had surrendered after the Lebanese Hezbollah movement and Syrian government allowed them to head east.

Kenya’s deputy President has called on the electoral commission to set a date for fresh presidential elections after the Supreme Court overturned last month’s vote. He says the governing Jubilee Party will win by an increased margin next time.

Police in Bangladesh are ignoring government orders to prevent people fleeing violence from crossing the border. More and more refugees from Myanmar’s minority Rohingya Muslim community are crossing over. An estimated 58,000 refugees have made it across.

Police in Italy have carried out a huge operation to mount spot checks on vehicles in the light of last month’s attack in Barcelona. They’ve checked 27,000 vehicles.

Australia and East Timor have reached an agreement on their maritime border ending a decade old row that stalled a lucrative offshore gas project. East Timor wants to claim more of the revenue generated by undersea oil and gas fields.

The Mayor of Salt Lake City has apologized to a nurse after footage emerged of her being arrested for declining a police order to take blood from an unconscious patient.

Officials in the southern Indian state have launched an awareness campaign in schools and colleges to warn students against the Blue Whale challenge internet game which has led to more than 150 deaths around the world.


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