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Sec of State Rex Tillerson says the US is in direct contact with N. Korea to find out if Pyongyang’s leaders are interested in dialogue. Tillerson is in Beijing ahead of Pres. Trump’s visit planned for November. The Chinese state media summarized the meeting quoting Chinese President Xi Jinping as saying Trump’s upcoming visit to Beijing is the most important event in China’s bilateral relations with the US.

President Trump has posted a series of tweets on Puerto Rico’s crisis after Hurricane Maria. He started by accusing Democrats of urging San Juan’s to criticize the government’s response. He blasted Puerto Rican leaders for wanting “everything to be done for them.” He praised first responders on the island and accuses the media of disparaging them.

Meanwhile, in Puerto Rico, food and supplies are dwindling, there is no electricity or clean drinking water and gasoline is scarce. The highway that circles the island is clear, so people wonder why supplies have yet to get to them.

Florida is preparing for more flooding thanks to a system moving in from Cuba. It comes less than 3 weeks after Hurricane Irma. Some homes remain flooded. Rain is forecasted for next week.

President Trump is looking for a new Health and Human Services Sec after Tom Price resigned yesterday following reports he took charter flights at taxpayer’s expense. A government-wide investigation is being conducted of political appointees travel.

Spanish police have sealed off about half of the schools in Catalonia serving as polling stations ahead of tomorrow’s independence referendum. The Spanish government calls vote illegal but hundreds of supporters spent the night in the schools and say they will stay until the voting begins.

Opposition activists in Guatemala are calling for more massive demonstrations after a month of political turmoil. Civil Society organizations and social media are calling on Guatemalans to protest government corruption and to demand the resignation of their president.

Demonstrators are gathering in Washington DC and other cities across the country to promote racial justice and are calling for a reversal of laws and practices they say hasten inequality.


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Nearly 2 weeks after Hurricane Maria pummeled Puerto Rico the mayor of San Juan said inefficiency and bureaucratic red tape are slowing down relief efforts and costing lives and officials are imploring President Trump to send someone who can take charge. Trump reacted on Twitter calling the mayor’s leadership poor and said Puerto Rican officials want everything done for them when it should be a community effort. He said some media outlets are disparaging the work being done by first responders.
Health and Human Services Sec Tom Price resigned after reports of him traveling on private jets 24 times since May costing taxpayers over $300,000. Price used military planes during trips abroad sometimes taking his wife which cost taxpayers more than half a million dollars.
There are talks on North Korea between Sec of State Rex Tillerson and Chinese president. The Secretary is calling for a calming of the situation which could be achieved if N. Korea stopped firing off missiles.
Desperation in Puerto Rico ten days into the wake of two successive hurricanes, with local leaders citing little support. Trump pledged support. Standing water continues to inundate much of the island with little potable water to drink.

Perhaps an easing of tensions will be occurring as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced that the Trump administration opened lines of communication with North Korea.

The Catalonia region of Spain will be voting on whether to succeed soon.

There’s a new job in the Trump administration as Health and Human Services Tom Price has resigned.


Spanish police have raided the Catalan government’s telecommunication center as efforts continue to stop Sunday’s disputed referendum on independence. Local media report the police were aiming to deactivate technology that could be used for electronic voting or vote counting. Hundreds of activists have been occupying schools designated as polling stations.

The US Sec of State Rex Tillerson has announced that the Trump administration is in talks with North Korea directly without Chinese intermediaries.

Turkey has opened the biggest military training camp outside Turkey in the Somali capital Mogadishu. It will have the capacity to train more than 1,500 Somali soldiers at a time in efforts to tackle the Islamist group Al-Shabab.

The governor of the Indonesian island of Bali has urged people who live outside the immediate danger zone of the rumbling Mount Agung volcano to return home. Camps have been struggling to deal with the number of evacuees.

The Cambodian opposition say approximately half of their lawmakers have left the country over fears they will be arrested following threats from Cambodia’s long time leader, Hun Sen. The opposition’s party was charged with treason earlier this month.

Police in southern Germany detained a man late on Friday after tips from the public for questioning in connection with a plot to extort millions of dollars from supermarkets by concealing poisoned food products on their shelves.

The veteran Bollywood Indian TV and theator actor Tom Alta died at 67 of cancer. He was a 3rd generation American in India who often played the role of British colonial oppressor.


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