Month: October 2017

Populist Morning Report | President of Catalan Flees to Belgium

Burst Your Media Bubble: Top Stories As Reported Here’s the way the left, right and foreign press are presenting the news today. NPR Officials from Facebook, Twitter, and Google will testify this week on Capitol Hill about their company’s role in Russian interference in the 2016 US elections. This comes as Facebook has disclosed some 126 million people have gotten content in their news feeds that can be traced back to accounts tied to Russia. President Trump’s former campaign advisor Paul Manafort and Manafort’s top aide are on home confinement. They’ve been charged by Special Counsel Robert Mueller with financial crimes and conspiracy in Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the US elections. US troops have captured a suspect in Libya believed to have played a role in the attack on the US compound in Benghazi 5 years ago that left 4 Americans dead, including US Ambassador Christopher Stevens. The suspect is being flown to the US to face charges. Attorney Gen Jeff Sessions says the US will continue working to identify others involved in the attack. The deposed President of Spain’s separatist Catalonia region has fled to Belgium where he may request asylum. Some of his supporters back home are angry. Spain will be leaning on its EU ally Belgium not to grant asylum. A new study finds that climate change is harming health around the world due...

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Populist Morning Report | Paul Manafort Told To Surrender To Special Counsel In Relation To Russian Probe

Burst Your Media Bubble: Top Stories As Reported Here’s the way the left, right and foreign press are presenting the news today. NPR The former manager of President Trump’s campaign, Paul Manafort, has surrendered to an FBI field office in the Washington DC area as part of the investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into Russian meddling in the US last year and any potential links with the Trump campaign. Mueller is also looking into other potential violations that may be unrelated to Russia, such as money laundering, lobbying, etc. Civil servants came to work in the Spanish region of Catalonia and were escorted out by Spanish police. This is following Spain’s takeover of the Catalan government last Friday. Catalan officials have been given a few hours to gather their things and leave their posts. On Sunday about 300,000 pro Spain supporters filled Barcelona streets where 2 people were injured before and after the protests. The Catalan president continues to declare himself president and has called for a democratic opposition to the Spanish government’s takeover of the region. The president of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Masoud Barzani, has resigned following the damaging results of a referendum for independence that he pushed through, which leaves Kurds even more divided. Iraqi troops pushed back Kurdish forces from territory they controlled including oil fields in Kirkuk. He told the Kurds...

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Populist Morning Report | President of Kurdistan Steps Down

Burst Your Media Bubble: Top Stories As Reported Here’s the way the left, right and foreign press are presenting the news today. NPR Thousands of people opposing Catalan independence are flooding the streets of Barcelona, waving Spanish, Catalan, and European Union flags. Today’s protest comes two days after Catalonia voted for independence from Spain. Shortly after, the Spanish government fired the entire Catalan parliament, taking direct control of the region. These protests may affect the economy of Spain, as 1,600 companies have relocated their legal headquarters outside of Catalonia. The President of Iraq’s Kurdish region is stepping down. His decision follows the Kurdish vote for independence in a recent referendum, and the subsequent advance of Iraqi forces. Elections were to have been hold on November 1st, but they’ve been postponed until next year. The U.S. and Baghdad had warned the Kurds not to hold the referendum. Pres. Trump this week is expected to announce his nominee to head the Federal Reserve. Game five of the World Series last night. The LA Dodgers beat the Houston Astros last night 6-2. Voters in Iceland have thrown out their center-right government after a series of political scandals. It’s unclear who will be tapped by the president to form a new coalition after major gains by left-leaning parties. The Kenyan opposition leader is calling for a new presidential election in the next 90...

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Populist Morning Report | 1st Charges Filed In Investigation Of Trump-Russian Collusion

Burst Your Media Bubble: Top Stories As Reported Here’s the way the left, right and foreign press are presenting the news today. NPR Defense Sec. Jim Mattis says the US will never accept N. Korea as a nuclear power. Speaking in S. Korea today, he warned that if Pyongyang launches a nuclear strike, it will be met with a massive military response. Although he pledged retaliation to any N. Korean attack, he stressed that resolving the standoff with diplomacy is still Washington’s preferred way forward. Puerto Rico’s governor is calling for a formal audit of a major hurricane reconstruction contract between the island’s power authority and White Fish Energy. There are growing questions in Washington and in Puerto Rico about White Fish’s cost and how a small Montana firm with 2 full-time employees secured the deal. After Hurricane Maria destroyed the island’s power grid, the Puerto Rico power authority signed a contract with White Fish in the amount of up to $300 million for repairs. The Washington Free Beacon, a conservative news website, confirmed that it was first to hire the firm that later produced dossier, Pres. Trump’s alleged ties to Russia. In a statement posted last night, the Beacon said it had nothing to do with the documents that were actually developed. Thousands of opponents of independence for Catalonia are holding a rally in Madrid as they fear...

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Populist Morning Report | Defense Sec. James Mattis Makes Unannounced Visit to Korean DMZ

Burst Your Media Bubble: Top Stories As Reported Here’s the way the left, right and foreign press are presenting the news today. NPR Defense Sec. James Mattis made an unannounced visit today to the demilitarized zone that separates South and North Korea. His visit comes amid high tension over N. Korea’s pursuit of a nuclear-tipped missile capable of striking the mainland US. Mattis accused Kim Jong-un of developing nuclear weapons to “threaten others with catastrophe” and he assured South Korea that the US commitment is ironclad. This weekend the cities of Murfreesboro and Shelbyville, Tennessee will host back to back white nationalist rallies. A local university has canceled all events and will place dorms on lockdown. Businesses and residents are preparing and all but one street will be shut down. TN Governor Bill Haslam says local law enforcement will take the lead but state patrol and the National Guard will be on standby. Spanish lawmakers are prepared to strip power from the separatist regional government of Catalonia. The region passed an independence vote earlier this month. It was partially disrupted by Spanish police. Catalan officials who support independence said if Spain steps in again, residents of Catalonia will peacefully defend themselves and they will not bow down to violence or aggressiveness on the part of the Spanish state. A military sentencing hearing resumes Monday for Army deserter US Sgt....

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