Month: October 2017

Populist Morning Report | Hawaii Judge Blocks Pres. Trump’s Latest Travel Ban Again

Burst Your Media Bubble: Top Stories As Reported Here’s the way the left, right and foreign press are presenting the news today. NPR Fed. Judge Dereck Watson of Hawaii is blocking the latest travel ban that was supposed to be in effect this morning, which sets up another legal showdown. He says it plainly discriminates against nationality. The White House called the ruling dangerously flawed and it “undercuts the President’s efforts to keep the American people safe and enforce minimum security standards for entry into the US.” The DOJ is expected to appeal. A case in federal court opens today involving President Trump and the Constitutions emoluments clause. Plaintiffs claim Trump is violating the Constitution when his hotels do business with foreign officials and that he shouldn’t own hotels that make a profit by doing business with foreign governments. The Justice Dept. says the Constitutional clause does not apply in this case. Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson says that when Pres. Trump called the widow of a recently slain US Army Sergeant La David T. Johnson, he told her that her husband knew what he signed up for. She said she heard part of the conversation on a car’s speakerphone when he called the widow. The Pentagon is investigating. Trump has come under heavy criticism for saying past US Presidents did not contact family members of troops who died in...

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Populist Morning Report | ISIS Loses Stronghold to US-Backed Forces

Burst Your Media Bubble: Top Stories As Reported Here’s the way the left, right and foreign press are presenting the news today. NPR Congressman Tom Marino has withdrawn his name from consideration for drug czar after an explosive report from 60 Minutes and the Washington Post that detailed how Marino shepherded a bill through congress that limited the Das ability to crack down on the shipments of opioids headed to the black market. The nation is in the midst of an opioid crisis with about 142 people dying each day from overdoses. The Justice Department announced the indictment of 2 Chinese opioid traffickers accused of making Fentanyl and powerful narcotics then selling them online to customers in the US. US backed forces in Syria has retaken Raqqa, which ISIS called it’s capital and leaves an uncertain future for the city’s population. Airstrikes by the US and Russia have left Raqqa all but destroyed. Many civilians have been killed in the fighting, most fled and don‘t know if they will have a home to return to. Rohyngia Muslims keep pouring into Bangladesh fleeing the violence in Myanmar. The number stands ar more than 580,000 in just over 7 weeks. The DOW rose to just above 23k for the 1st time briefly today. Right now its at 22,981.   Iraqi troops took back more territory from Kurdish forces in northern Iraq today...

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Populist Morning Report | Explosion on Louisiana Oil Rig Leaves 7 injured; 1 Missing

Burst Your Media Bubble: Top Stories As Reported Here’s the way the left, right and foreign press are presenting the news today. NPR At least 40 are dead due to the wildfires in California. Firefighters are gaining some control. Some people are returning home as evacuation orders are being lifted, but people are being warned to use caution. Officials plan to lift orders in stages, in some areas and to prioritize neighborhoods that suffered less damage. Pres. Trump and Sen Rand Paul R-KY say they had a productive golf Sunday. Paul has come around to support the President on tax reform and healthcare. He had expressed concern over the attempt to eliminate a couple of deductions that would lead to tax hikes for the middle class but now says he thinks the President wants to be as “big and bold as possible.” He was also a no-vote during the Republican attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare but he emphatically supported the President’s executive order ending health insurance company subsidies. Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro and members of his government are celebrating an unexpected win in Sunday’s gubernatorial elections. The results are proving controversial. Opposition politicians are refusing to recognize the results which will likely further deepen divisions. The Iraqi military has opened an assault on Iraqi Kurdish forces near Kirkuk. They’ve taken the headquarters of an oil company, a refinery,...

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Populist Morning Report | Trump Ending Subsidies to Insurers; Democrats Launch Lawsuit

Burst Your Media Bubble: Top Stories As Reported Here’s the way the left, right and foreign press are presenting the news today. NPR More than 9,000 firefighters in California made gains yesterday but winds are expected to intensify again. More than 35 people have died and more than 200 remain missing. Every day search teams find more remains of people who were unable to escape. The death toll is expected to rise. Democratic Attorneys General from 18 states have launched a lawsuit against the Trump Administration following the President’s move to suspend payments to insurance companies which reduced copays and premiums to some lower-income customers as required by the ACA. The White House says the subsidies are illegal because Congress never appropriated the money. President Trump’s new approach on Iran is running into opposition in Europe. EU believes the agreement with Iran is working and the US can’t just quit a deal that has 5 other signatories and is part of a UN resolution. Pres. Trump says Iran is violating the agreement, but EU officials say this is not true and it is in Europe’s interests to continue the deal. American, Caitlan Coleman, and her Canadian husband Joshua Boyle are back in Canada with their 3 young children almost 5 years after being abducted by the Taliban linked to an extremist group called the Haqqani Network during a backpacking...

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Populist Morning Report | Trump To Announce New Approach to Iran Deal

Burst Your Media Bubble: Top Stories As Reported Here’s the way the left, right and foreign press are presenting the news today. NPR President Trump is expected to say later today that he will not recertify the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. By decertifying Iran, he will give the Senate a chance to re-impose sanctions and rewrite the deal. Things the White House would like to see are an end to the sunset clauses that let restrictions expire and stepped up on the ground inspections and an end to the recertification requirement. President Trump says he is going to end federal government subsidies paying insurers under the Affordable Care Act. The money is used to help low-income Americans afford health insurance. Critics say the action will increase costs for people in healthcare exchanges. California fire officials say at least 31 people have died in this week’s devastating wildfires. More than 3500 buildings, including entire neighborhoods, have been burned to the ground. Fire crews continue to fight the fires which are mostly uncontained. New critical fire weather warnings have been issued for north and east of the San Fransisco Bay area. Two prison employees in North Carolina, Justin Smith and Veronica Darden, were killed and several others injured yesterday after inmates started a fire in a state prison. Several inmates attempted to escape but were unsuccessful. 3 prison employees remain hospitalized...

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