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Spanish Police in Catalonia have broken windows and clipped power cords as they cracked down on today’s independence referendum. The Spanish government says the vote is illegal and told the police to stop the process. The Internet is down in many polling stations. Voting is still going on in some places but vote counting is also likely to be disrupted. Catalonia’s government said at least 337 people have been injured.

Britain’s Conservative Party is rallying supporters as it prepares to open its annual conference, however, there are reports that the governing party is deeply split over what a post-Brexit Britain will look like. Prime Minister Teresa May insists her government is working on an alternate plan.

Air France was forced to make an emergency landing in eastern Canada and sustained serious damage to one of its four engines. The flight was from Paris to Los Angeles with nearly 500 passengers on board.

OJ Simpson is free on parole today after being released just after midnight. He was granted parole in July after serving 9 years for an armed robbery conviction. He said he wants to move back to Florida but his whereabouts are currently unclear.

The Hungarian government is rolling out a national publicity campaign against what it calls a “Soros Plan.” The government is accusing the Hungarian born philanthropist, George Soros, of planning to flood the country and the rest of Europe with a million immigrants a year. Soros’ foundations deny the allegations and say he is simply taking part in a Europe-wide debate on immigration.

Egypt is cracking down on the country’s gay community after an uproar over a rainbow flag. Six young men were arrested and charged with debauchery and are on trial in Cairo today. There have been more than a dozen men arrested since a concert goer raised a rainbow flag at a concert. Egypt warned media not to promote “homosexual culture” and called it a “shameful disease.”

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OJ Simpson is free after being locked up for 9 years in Nevada for armed robbery. He was released just after midnight is believed to be in Las Vegas until he eventually returns to Florida. State Attorney General Pam Bondi says Simpson was not truthful in his parole hearing over the summer. If he resettles in FL, she says restrictions will be placed on him.

FEMA is defending its hurricane response in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands after the mayor of San Juan called it inefficient. FEMA officials say there are nearly 13,000 people on the islands doing everything they can to push forward.

Police in Spain are smashing their way into polling stations trying to halt a disputed independence referendum in Catalonia with hundreds said to be hurt.

Twin terror investigations going on in Canada after a pair of overnight attacks in Edmonton. During the first, a man drove into a barricade outside a football stadium, then got out and stabbed a police officer. An ISIS flag was found in the front seat and the driver is a 30 year old man known to police. Later, a U-Haul truck mowed down pedestrians while fleeing police. The officer is recovering and the conditions of the pedestrians is unknown.

Last night in a tweet, President Trump said it’s very important that NFL players stand during the National Anthem. The Broncos said they will stand during the National Anthem. The Saints said they will take a knee but will stand during the Anthem.

Monty Hall, the host of Let’s Make a Deal has died at the age of 96 of heart failure.


The Catalan leader has condemned a huge Spanish police operation against his government’s independence referendum as a disgrace that will live forever in the memory. He complained of police brutality after officers fired rubber bullets and used batons to keep back crowds of people trying to vote in Barcelona.

The campaign group, Human Rights Watch, says Iran is recruiting Afghan immigrant children living in the country to fight in Syria. Some are said to be as young as 14 years old.

One of the most prominent stars of American football, OJ Simpson has been released on parole after serving 9 years of a 33-year sentence for armed robbery. He gained notoriety in 1995 when he was controversially acquitted of the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman.

A temporary ceasefire in Columbia between the government and the Rebel National Liberation Army has come into effect after more than 50 years of conflict.

Legislation banning full-faced Muslim veils goes into effect in Austria today. Only an estimated 150 women are thought to wear the full-faced veil.

Marriages of same-sex couples have taken place for the 1st time in Germany. Germany’s Parliament approved same-sex marriage in June.

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