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Pres. Trump gave Congress 6 months to come up with a fix for DACA and he has presented a list of items he wants to be included in any “fix” for the program. He says without the conditions on his list, “illegal immigration and chain migration which severely and unfairly burden American workers and taxpayers, will continue without end.” His list includes funding a border wall and changing the legal US legal immigration system.

Services and vigils continue in Las Vegas for the victims of last week’s shooting. Sheriff Joe Lombardo praised his officers’ response to the shooter saying if they had not reached the shooter within 12 minutes after the shooting began, a thousand people may have been killed instead of 58.

Puerto Rico’s governor says less than 12% of the island has had its power restored. The electrical grid has been destroyed. The governor and Tesla’s Elon Musk are discussing plans to rebuild using solar power and battery storage solutions. The island has some of the most expensive power in the world, partly because it has to import pricey oil for its power plants. Musk says the Tesla team has done this for many smaller islands around the world.

The Nobel Prize in Economics has been awarded to American, Richard Thaylor, citing his contributions to understanding the psychology of economics.

The remnants of Tropical Storm Nate are streaming across the eastern US and heavy rain is pouring from Virginia, north to New England. It made landfall in Mississippi as a hurricane. No related deaths have been reported.

In Guatemala, a political crisis is intensifying as protestors took to the streets in Guatemala City after a former President was accused of corruption. The protestors gathered in front of the anti- Corruption Center known as the “CC” in support of the former pres. and demanded the ouster of CC commissioner who is a Columbian citizen who has been instrumental in shaking up Guatemala’s long-standing culture of corruption.

The head of the UN’s educational, scientific and cultural organization is deciding on a new leader. They are choosing between 7 candidates.

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President Trump says funding for the wall must be included in any agreement to extend DACA. He also wants to change the way the country issues green cards to immigrants and stop unaccompanied minors from entering the US. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi released a statement blasting the Trump Administration saying they can’t be serious about compromise or helping the dreamers.

The brother of Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock is in Las Vegas talking to the FBI trying to help them find a motive as to why he killed 58 and injured almost 500. Authorities believe Paddock may have had an undiagnosed mental illness. Meanwhile, another vigil is being held in remembrance of the victims.

Wildfires in California in Napa Valley have spread overnight and many have evacuated. The sheriff says they are “in survival mode.”

Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein has been ousted from the company he co-founded over decades of allegations of sexual harassment.

The House passed a $4 trillion budget and the Senate Republicans will consider it this month. The Pentagon wants the increased funding that Pres Trump calls for after years of sequestration.

Hurricane Nate caused some flooding and power outages, but no major damage. It is moving to the Ohio Valley.

The price of gas is coming down after recent spikes. The average is at $2.56 per gallon; AAA has the average at $2.49.

Wall Street stock futures are up modestly and mixed overseas.


The International Red Cross says it will drastically reduce its presence in Afghanistan after 7 of its staff were killed in militant attacks this year.

At least 12 people have drowned and many more are missing after a boat carrying Rohingya Muslim refugees capsized while crossing a river from Myanmar to Bangladesh. Up to 100 people were reportedly onboard.

The French Minister of European Affairs said France will not recognize Catalonia’s independence from Spain if it was unilaterally declared by the Catalonian government.

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel has announced that her Christian Democrats have agreed with their sister party to work to bring immigration down to no more than 200,000 migrants a year.

Turkey’s currency has dropped sharply against the US dollar following a diplomatic brawl between the 2 countries. Both sides have suspended Visa services for the other’s citizens.

Iraq’s central government has moved to impose its control over mobile phone networks based in the Kurdish region, which recently voted overwhelmingly for independence. Baghdad said the phone operators have to come under federal control.

One of the biggest mining companies in Africa, Petra Diamonds, said its likely to breach the terms of its loans this year. last month the Tanzanian government seized a consignment of Petra Diamonds saying they’d been undervalued.

The Nobel Prize in Economics has been awarded to Richard Thaylor who is considered a pioneer in the understanding of human economic behavior and has contributed to the psychology of economics.

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