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Damage assessment is underway along the US Gulf Coast after Hurricane Nate made landfall twice last night. It’s been downgraded to a tropical depression, but not before flooding coastal roads from Mississippi to Alabama and the Florida panhandle, and knocking out power to thousands of homes and businesses.
FEMA administrator Brock Long tells ABC that the agency’s resources are strained, but it can handle Nate. Meanwhile nearly 90% of Puerto Rico is without power more than two weeks after Hurricane Maria hit and the San Juan mayor is tweeting FEMA isn’t doing their job.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un today promoted his 28-year-old sister to be an alternate member of the politburo. She’s blacklisted in the US for alleged severe human rights abuses.
A week after Catalan voted for independence from Spain, tens of thousands of people are demonstrating today in Catalonia’s capital Barcelona against independence.
A top commander for US-backed forces in Syria says a final assault on ISIS in Raqqa will begin tonight. ISIS had declared Raqqa it’s capital in Syria.
The Canadian government says it will pay hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation to the victims of what’s called the “’60’s scoop,” a program that began in the 1960s moved thousands of indigenous babies from their homes.
President Trump has issued the traditional Columbus Day proclamation. He praises the Italian explorer and calls the permanent arrival of Europeans 525 years ago a “transformative event that set the stage for the development of the nation.” Several cities are using the holiday to recognize the suffering of Native Americans at the hands of the new European arrivals.

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After an overnight soaking courtesy of Hurricane Nate, the waters are quickly receding in coastal areas in Mississippi and Alabama. Nate is now a tropical depression, moving north, and there is still flash flood potential.

During last week’s shooting in Las Vegas, thousands of items were left behind, and now officials are announcing how concertgoers can get those items back. After searching the shooter’s room for items, authorities say they found a note on a table bearing calculations written in order to maximize the shooter’s accuracy.

The deadly shooting is reigniting a debate over gun control. The NRA has said that it’s open to regulating a device that allows semi-automatic weapons to fire faster, but Democrats argue that regulations aren’t going suffice and that instead a law is needed.

After Pres. Trump issued a veiled threat to North Korea, saying that only one thing would work with the country, Kim Jong-un said to his inner circle that nuclear weapons helped to guarantee peace against U.S. imperialists.

A man who London police say was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving has been released without charges. Eleven people were hurt yesterday in the city when a car jumped a curb yesterday morning, an event which has since been described as an accident.

Allegations of sexual harassment continue in Tinseltown as a noted lawyer and women’s rights activist resigned as advisor to Harvey Weinstein. Thursday the New York Times released an expose on Weinstein detailing allegations of decades of sexual harassment.

Bladerunner 2049 had a disappointing debut, making only $31.5 million, while costing at least $155 million to make.


Spanish politicians and celebrities have addressed hundreds of thousands of people in Barcelona, demonstrating against plans for Catalonia to declare independence. A former government minister says his fellow Catalans needed to recover their level headedness.
The North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has promoted his younger sister to a position of greater power within the Ruling Workers Party. Kim Yo-jong, thought to be in her late twenties, have become a member of the party’s politburo.
The German Chancellor Angela Merkel is starting efforts to form a new coalition government. Her first meeting is with the CSU, the Bavarian sister party of her Christian Democrats. Both parties lost ground to the anti-immigrant AFD party in last month’s election.
Heavy fighting is reported in Eastern Syria, around the town of Al-Mayadeen, one of the last strongholds of the Islamic State group. There have also been clashes between Turkish forces and Syrian jihadists on the border in Idlib province.
Thousands of Israeli and Palestinian women, many dressed in white, have converged on the banks of the river Jordan in a march for peace. They erected a peace tent in the name of both Muslims and Jews.
It’s the final day of campaigning before Tuesday’s presidential and parliamentary elections in the West African state of Liberia. Twenty candidates are hoping to succeed president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. It will be the first handover of power from one democratically elected president to another since 1944.
Cuba’s marking the 50th anniversary of the capture and death of the Marxist revolutionary Che Guevera.

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