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The Senate could take a final vote today for a relief package following wildfires in the west and hurricanes worth more than $36 billion after clearing a key vote last night.  The measure will put nearly $19 billion in the country’s emergency accounts, alleviate a cash crunch in Puerto Rico, and allow the federal flood insurance program to keep paying claims.

Officials spoke about an ambush earlier this month in Niger that left 4 US soldiers dead. About a dozen US forces were patrolling with Nigerian forces when they were attacked and the American troops did not call for help until about an hour into the attack. By the time an armed American drone surveyed the situation and French warplanes arrived, the attack was over. No shots were fired from either the American drone or the French aircraft.

A pair of pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong are free on bail pending appeals of their sentences. The activists were convicted of charges stemming from their roles in protests 3 years ago.

China’s ruling party congress has wrapped up its meaning with delegates affirming President Xi Jinping’s status as the most powerful Chinese leader in decades. It is widely expected he will also be named to a new 5-year term as president.

The Iditarod sled dog race in Alaska is facing a doping scandal as officials are accusing 4-time champion musher, Dallas Seavey, of violating the rules by giving his dogs banned substances. He denies the accusations and says he has never given banned substances to his dogs; he is withdrawing from the 2018 race.

The National Weather Service warns that temperatures could rise above 100 degrees in some areas of southern California. Conditions are dry and strong winds could fan wildfires or cause new ones to spread.


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Officials say there are still unanswered questions surrounding the deadly ambush by ISIS-affiliated militants in Niger that left 4 US soldiers dead. A call for help didn’t come until about an hour later. A drone was sent within minutes, then 30 minutes later French fighter jets arrived on location. Congress is demanding more answers.

Among the nuclear tension with North Korea, a 2nd US aircraft carrier strike group is in the western Pacific. The USS Theodore Roosevelt joined the USS Ronald Reagan off the Korean Peninsula. The Roosevelt will go to the Persian Gulf later.

President Trump will go to the Senate today and have lunch with Republicans. He will make a pitch for tax reform starting with the Senate but the House is probably where the budget framework will be moved later this week.

Last night the Senate gave preliminary approval to a $36 billion disaster relief bill and a final vote could come today. It would replenish FEMA accounts after recent hurricanes, give cash to Puerto Rico, and pay flood insurance claims.

The mayor of Tampa is trying to assure people who are nervous about a serial killer who may be lurking. This comes after the deadly shooting of 3 people within a 1-mile radius. He told residents, “We are not going to let evil win this race.” Police are escorting kids in that area to school and a city bus changed its usual route.

President Trump has promised to build a wall at the Mexican border and while Democrats oppose funding it in Congress, 8 prototypes are being built in California. They tower over the existing fencing at 30 feet.

The Medal of Honor was awarded to 71-year-old retired Army Captain Mike Rose. He was credited with saving the lives of 60 wounded personnel as a combat medic during the Vietnam War.

On Wall Street, stock futures are slightly rising the morning after some selling when the Dow dropped 54 points.

In the NFL, the Eagles beat the Redskins 34-24. Philadelphia is now 6 and 1.



China’s ruling Communist Party has made President Xi Jinping its most powerful leader since Mao Zedong. His name and political philosophy has been enshrined in the Party Constitution. His anti-corruption campaign has also been made permanent.

China’s imports of iron ore and lead concentrate from North Korea have fallen sharply over the past year, highlighting Beijings willingness to enforce energy sanctions against Pyongyang. They are down nearly 84%, the lowest reported level in 6 years.

Kenya’s main opposition leader, Raila Odinga has called on his supporters to boycott Thursday’s re run of the presidential election saying it would be a sham. He said the authorities failed to reform the body after the August vote that was annulled for irregularities.

Germany’s newly elected Parliament has begun its opening session in Berlin which includes members of the 1st far right Nationalist Party, the Alternative For Germany, to be represented at national levels in decades.

The leader of Austria’s center right People’s Party has invited the far right Freedom Party for talks in forming a coalition. He said that their position on tax cuts dovetailed and they have similar views on controlling migration.

The Russian journalist who was stabbed in the neck at her radio station on Monday is showing signs of some improvement but the hospital treating her says she is still in serious condtion.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia announced plans to invest half a trillion dollars in a huge technology hub on the country’s Red Sea coast. The prince is spearheading a drive to prepare Saudi Arabia for a post-oil era.


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