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Las Vegas authorities have lowered the injury toll from last Sunday’s mass shooting to 589 people. Initially, more than 500 were believe to be injured. 58 people were killed. Las Vegas police are still trying to understand the motive and whether he had accomplices. FBI agents are questioning the deceased shooter’s girlfriend, she has released a statement saying she had no prior knowledge of his plans and was out of the country at the time of the attack.

West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin says he plans to meet with Republican senator Pat Toomey to discuss bipartisan gun control legislation they’ve collaborated on in the past.

Today is an important deadline for recipients of DACA. It’s the last day for current DACA recipients to renew their status.

The Swedish academy has awarded this year’s Nobel Prize in literature to British author Kazuo Ishiguro. He’s known for novels such as ‘The Remains of the Day’ and ‘Never Let Me Go’ — both have become films.

On Wall Street, the DOW is up more than 20 points with the NASDAQ up more than 18.

The National Weather Service says Tropical Storm Nate has formed off Nicaragua’s Atlantic coast. The storm is drenching parts of Central America with flooding rain. Nate could strengthen into a hurricane as it travels north into the Gulf of Mexico. It could reach the US Gulf coast early next week.

A Pakistani paramilitary force has withdrawn its personnel from around the country’s Parliament House, which they are meant to secure. The move comes as tensions grow between the country and the army.

Three US soldiers have been killed in Niger and two wounded in an ambush. The US Special Forces troops were on patrol with Nigerian troops in the southwestern part of the country when they were attacked. Pres. Trump has been briefed.

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At least 172 shooting victims remain in Vegas hospitals. The gunman’s motive remains a mystery, and his girlfriend’s return to the U.S. hasn’t helped – she’s told them that she was as stunned as anyone that her boyfriend was a mass killer. She thought the cheap, last-minute flight he’d bought her and the $100,000 he’d transferred were his way of saying goodbye.

In the post-massacre gun control debate, Senators are focusing on supplementary devices, such as bump stocks, which the Vegas shooter used. While he campaigned as a fierce defender of gun rights, Trump said that we would be talking about gun laws as time went by. Texas Senator, the second-ranking Senate Republican, said that hearings on banning bump stocks would make sense.

Three astronauts are doing maintenance outside of the space station while Vice President Pence oversees the first meeting of the reformed National Space Council with the goal to build the foundation we need for a manned mission to Mars.

Two wounded Army Green Berets have been taken to a hospital in Germany, evacuated out of the African country Niger after their patrol was ambushed yesterday, killing three other American special forces soldiers. It’s suspected an Al Qaeda group they’re helping local forces to beat is to blame.

Venezuela’s President is facing the threat of U.S. intervention, and amid his crackdown on unrest, he’s looking to Russia for help. On a visit to Moscow, the Venezuelan President thanked Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for help during what he’s called difficult times, also responding after the U.S. said it would consider a military option to stabilize Venezuela as it faces an economic crisis, with Venezuelan President Maduro calling that bullying. He called Putin ‘the leader of the emerging world’.

A new tropical storm ‘Nate’ is expected to become a hurricane in the gulf, and could hit anywhere between Louisiana and Florida on Sunday.

Two condemned killers are getting ready to eat their last meals. Both have just hours left to live unless they get a last minute reprieve.


Spain’s constitutional court has provisionally suspended a session of Catalonia’s Parliament scheduled for Monday amid fears that it could vote to declare independence for the region. The ruling follows a complaint by the Socialist party of Catalonia, which fears that such a move would be in breach of the constitution, resulting in Parliamentarians being stripped of their powers.
Iraq’s PM says the northern town of Hawijah, one of the Islamic State’s last urban strongholds, has been liberated. The town’s recapture comes after a two week offensive.
Russia and Saudi Arabia have set up a $1 billion joint investment fund as King Salman paid the first official visit to Russia by a Saudi monarch. The King said the top two oil exporters would continue to work to stabilize oil markets.
The Russian defense ministry has drafted a law to ban professional soldiers and other military personnel from using social media due to security concerns. The bill says video, photographs, and other material posted online could be useful for the enemy.
The International Red Cross has expressed alarm at what it says is the worst level of violence in Syria since the battle for Aleppo last year. The ICRC described harrowing levels of violence, in which families trying to flee are being killed in airstrikes and by explosive devices.
Reports from Pakistan say at least 10 people have been killed in a suicide attack on a Sufi Muslim shrine on the southwestern province of Baluchistan.
Police have arrested the head of the Brazilian Olympic Committee over corruption allegations. Carlos Arthur Nuzman is suspected of involvement in vote buying in the 2016 Rio Olympics.
The Nobel Prize for literature has been awarded to the British author Kazuo Ishiguro.

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