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The Labor Department released the September employment report, which finds that the country lost 33,000 jobs last month due to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. The report did not include job losses in Puerto Rico, although this is expected to change when those displaced by the natural disaster move to the mainland United States. Overall the government says that about 1.5 million people were not able to work in the mainland U.S. because of the bad weather.

In Nevada, the Clark County coroner has released a full list of the people who died in Sunday’s mass shooting. A majority of the 58 people killed at the music festival were visiting from out of state, with over half coming from Nevada’s neighboring state, California. The coroner’s office has set up an information center and hotline to assist grieving family members with memorial and burial arrangements.

A report in the Washington Post says that Pres. Trump has told a top Human Services administrator to reject a plan from Iowa to shore up its healthcare exchange market under the ACA. The state says it has not heard anything from the federal government about denying the proposal.

On Wall St. the DJI is down nearly 12 points. The NASDAQ is up a fraction of a point.

The National Hurricane Center says tropical storm Nate is gaining strength as it moves towards Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. It’s expected to become a hurricane when it moves into the Gulf of Mexico this weekend. The Center predicts the storm’s effects will be felt on the Gulf Coast as early as tomorrow night.

The top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee is asking the FBI to conduct a security review. This is to find whether any White House officials used personal email accounts for official business, or sent and received classified information through personal email accounts. This comes in response to a USA Today report that Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner had recently rerouted their personal emails through Trump organization servers. Both serve as White House advisors, and Kushner’s attorney has disputed the USA Today report.

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. The Nobel Committee says the group is working to draw attention to the catastrophic consequences of any use of nuclear weapons

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The Associated Press is reporting that Bowe Bergdahl is expected to plead guilty on charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy for leaving his post in Afghanistan back in 2009. Bergdahl was then captured by the Taliban and held captive for years until a controversial prisoner swap released him in 2014 in exchange for five Taliban detainees.

It’s not expected to be as bad as Hurricanes Harvey or Irma, but Nate is coming to the Gulf Coast with hurricane warnings posted along the coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. There is also a storm surge warning for this same stretch of coast. The hurricane is expected to arrive on Sunday morning.

The U.S. economy lost 33,000 jobs due to the effects of recent hurricanes, although the unemployment rate has dropped to 4.2%.

On Wall St. the DJI is down more than 22 points.

In Las Vegas, there are still more questions than answers. The people killed in the shooting spree have now been identified. Reports have come in this morning that the gunman tried to buy tracer rounds to help aim in the dark but that the store was sold out. Investigators say that he may have been scouting out other music festivals.

The Nobel Peace Prize has this morning been awarded to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. The Nobel Committee Chair says the nuclear risk is greater than it’s been for a long time. Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has hailed the award, saying he’s very worried about the nuclear threat.

What was Pres. Trump hinting at last night during a dinner with families and military when he said “maybe it’s the calm before the storm.” When asked by reporters what he meant, he said that he’ll find out. Speculation ranges from him taking action on North Korea, or ISIS – or maybe Iran, with just nine days before he decides whether or not he will decertify the Iran Nuclear Deal.

As week five of the NFL season kicked off, the Patriots beat the Buccaneers and all the players stood for the National Anthem.


A Spanish government minister has proposed holding new regional elections in Catalonia to start healing the fracture caused by last Sunday’s disputed vote on independence. The Catalan authorities may unilaterally declare separation from Spain next week. The Spanish cabinet has meanwhile made it legal for companies to move their headquarters away from Catalonia.

The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons says the danger posed by nuclear weapons has been put in the spotlight by the award of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize. The organization says that it sent a message to the leaders of the United States and North Korea that threatening to use such weapons was illegal.

The Islamic State group has called for women to take to the battlefield. This is a big change for the role that IS has previously assigned to women, and comes as the group is rapidly losing ground on several fronts.

Tens of thousands of mourners in Iraqi Kurdistan have turned out for the funeral of an Iraqi former president and Kurdish leader. They graced his coffin with a Kurdish flag, an action which has led to a protest from the government delegation as it attended the funeral.

The governor of the U.S. Territory of Puerto Rico says he wants to talk to the entrepreneur Elon Musk about his offer to restore electricity to the island. Mr. Musk says on Thursday he could rebuild Puerto Rico’s shattered energy infrastructure with his solar energy technology.

A milita has staged a rare attack on a UN base in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The UN says at least three militiamen were killed, and two peacekeepers wounded.

Zimbabwe’s First Lady has accused allies of the vice president of plotting a coup. The two are seen as two of the most likely successors to the 93-year-old incumbent president.

The International Olympic Committee has suspended the Brazilian Olympic Committee amid allegations that IOC members were bribed to support Rio de Janeiro’s bid to host the Olympic games. Brazil’s athletes will not be affected by the suspension.

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