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Thousands of people opposing Catalan independence are flooding the streets of Barcelona, waving Spanish, Catalan, and European Union flags. Today’s protest comes two days after Catalonia voted for independence from Spain. Shortly after, the Spanish government fired the entire Catalan parliament, taking direct control of the region. These protests may affect the economy of Spain, as 1,600 companies have relocated their legal headquarters outside of Catalonia.

The President of Iraq’s Kurdish region is stepping down. His decision follows the Kurdish vote for independence in a recent referendum, and the subsequent advance of Iraqi forces. Elections were to have been hold on November 1st, but they’ve been postponed until next year. The U.S. and Baghdad had warned the Kurds not to hold the referendum.

Pres. Trump this week is expected to announce his nominee to head the Federal Reserve.

Game five of the World Series last night. The LA Dodgers beat the Houston Astros last night 6-2.

Voters in Iceland have thrown out their center-right government after a series of political scandals. It’s unclear who will be tapped by the president to form a new coalition after major gains by left-leaning parties.

The Kenyan opposition leader is calling for a new presidential election in the next 90 days. He says the country’s repeat vote, which was held last week, was a sham. Deadly protests are occurring across the country, with at least eight people left dead.

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An arrest could happen as soon as tomorrow in connection with the investigation into Russian election meddling according to the Wall Street Journal. A grand jury in Washington approved the charges against at least one person, although a federal judge has sealed the indictment, leaving the identity of the planned arrestee and the nature of their crimes uncertain. Some lawmakers are expressing concern that leaks are occurring in such a high-profile case.

In a series of tweets, Pres. Trump is again likening the investigation into Russian election meddling a ‘witch hunt’. He’s also calling claims of collusion ‘phony’.

Also brewing on Capitol Hill: an investigation into the so-called Uranium One deal, approved in 2010 while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. The deal involved the Russian Nuclear Agency acquiring a stake in a Canadian-based company that has mining licenses for about 20% of U.S. uranium extraction capacity. Clinton has said she wasn’t personally involved in the deal, although people associated with the company donated to the Clinton Foundation.

A West Virginia jail inmate who escaped two days before his sentencing has been captured in Texas near the Mexico border.

A plaque commemorating George Washington is no longer welcome at a church in Virginia. This follows a push to remove Confederate monuments.

No one was hurt during dueling rallies in Tennessee, one staged by neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups, with a counter-protest staged by their opposition.


A veteran politician has told hundreds of thousands of demonstrators that Catalonia’s former separatist leaders have no right to speak on behalf of the entire region. He was addressing a rally in Barcelona in support of Spanish unity.

The president of Iraqi Kurdistan has formally announced that he won’t extend his term in office, which is due to expire this Wednesday. He rejected any further extension of his presidential term but would continue to serve as a peshmerga.

Somalia’s government has sacked the country’s police and intelligence chiefs a day after two bomb attacks in the capitol of Mogadishu killed at least 27 people.

Police in Turkey have arrested at least 60 people suspected of being members of the Islamic State militant group. Two people from Azerbaijan, and 28 from Syria, were among those detained today. 49 other people were arrested on Saturday.

This year’s German environmental prize has been awarded to a project that preserved the no man’s land between East and West Germany as a nature reserve. The strip of land lay undisturbed for decades during the Cold War, and is now home to many rare plants and animals.

Activists in Moscow have been commemorating Stalin’s victims, with hundreds taking turns to read out the names of people killed in the Great Purges.

The 10-year-old daughter of a jailed Vietnamese dissident has written to the First Lady of the United States asking for help in securing her mother’s release ahead of a visit to the country by Pres. Donald Trump.

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