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More than 9,000 firefighters in California made gains yesterday but winds are expected to intensify again. More than 35 people have died and more than 200 remain missing. Every day search teams find more remains of people who were unable to escape. The death toll is expected to rise.

Democratic Attorneys General from 18 states have launched a lawsuit against the Trump Administration following the President’s move to suspend payments to insurance companies which reduced copays and premiums to some lower-income customers as required by the ACA. The White House says the subsidies are illegal because Congress never appropriated the money.

President Trump’s new approach on Iran is running into opposition in Europe. EU believes the agreement with Iran is working and the US can’t just quit a deal that has 5 other signatories and is part of a UN resolution. Pres. Trump says Iran is violating the agreement, but EU officials say this is not true and it is in Europe’s interests to continue the deal.

American, Caitlan Coleman, and her Canadian husband Joshua Boyle are back in Canada with their 3 young children almost 5 years after being abducted by the Taliban linked to an extremist group called the Haqqani Network during a backpacking trip in Afghanistan. Boyle is calling on the Taliban to provide his family with justice saying one of his children had been murdered and his wife sexually assaulted.

General Motors Canada has reached a deal with striking workers at an assembly in Ontario. 2800 workers have been off the job nearly a month and few details have emerged about the deal. GM suggested it may ramp up production at 2 plants in Mexico if the strike didn’t end soon. Union leaders say that threat was present hanging over the talks and job security was the main issue behind the strike and they were looking for assurance that the Ontario plant would remain the lead plant.

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President Trump says millions will benefit from his executive order that he says will greatly expand healthcare at lower costs. Others argue the move threatens to increase premiums and disrupt insurance markets. At least 19 democrat attorneys general plan to sue the Trump Administration over the order. A federal judge ruled during the Obama Administration Congress never properly approved the payments to insurance companies.

The President’s decision not to recertify the nuclear deal with Iran has ruffled feathers and he has outlined a list of fixes he wants Congress to take care of. Senator Ben Cardin, the top Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee calls Trump’s decision “troubling.”

There are red flag warnings in fire-ravaged California as winds increase and temperatures expected to climb.

A convicted killer in Kansas, Lamonte McIntyre, who was serving 2 life sentences for a 1994 double murder will receive a second chance. Key witnesses recanted testimony which would have left reasonable doubt in the minds of the jurors. After hearing testimony that police had conducted only 19 minutes of interviews and never discovered a link between McIntyre and the murder victims, a judge ordered him set free.

The man accused of killing a New Orleans police officer Marcus McNeil was a felon on parole after a weapons conviction. The officer was 29 years old and leaves behind a wife and 2 young children.

The owners of an Albuquerque, New Mexico house have had enough with people tossing pizza on their roof. The house was made famous as the home of Walter White in the AMCTV series Breaking Bad. After years of visitors snapping selfies in front of the house, stealing rocks from the yard, and mimicking a scene where the main character throws a pizza on the roof, the owners are constructing a 6 feet wrought iron fence.

Police say a man in a shopping mall in New Jersey took his clothes off while getting a massage, then punched a security guard after he was told to put his clothes back on. He is charged with lewdness and simple assault.


Militia sources backing the Iraqi government say fighting between them and Kurdish Peshmerga has erupted near the disputed city of Kirkuk. Until recently both had been fighting a common enemy, the Islamic State group but there is growing tension over Kirkuk which the Kurds took control of in 2014. Baghdad wants it back.

The US backed coalition besieging Raqqa in northern Syria say that foreign fighters belonging to the in the coming days. The last Syrian nationals loyal to IS were evacuated.

A Canadian man, Joshua Boyle, who went backpacking with his pregnant wife in Afghanistan has been speaking to the press. He and his wife were kidnapped by the Taliban linked group, Haqqani in 2012 and says one of his children were murdered and his wife had been raped during captivity.

Five students and a security guard have been shot dead in an attack on a school in northern Kenya near the south Sudan border. 3 attackers were involved in the attack on the secondary school. A teacher said one of the attackers was a former student.

The deputy leader of the Catalan government has affirmed his polictical party’s absoslute commitment to fulfill what he called the mandate given by the Catalan people to declare an independent republic and it should be done through dialogue.

Final campaign events are taking place in Austria before a general election on Sunday. The outgoing chancellor has urged voters to back his Social Democrats to build a fairer society.

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