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California fire officials have raised the death toll to 23 people in this week’s incredibly destructive wildfires in the northern part of the state. There are now at least 22 blazes burning. Officials estimate that at least 35,000 homes and businesses have burned to the ground, and that’s being conservative.

President Trump is issuing a warning to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico. On Twitter this morning, Trump said the US territory’s infrastructure was a mess before the storm and warned that Federal relief workers cannot stay on the island “forever.”

The EPA has announced a $115m plan to clean up a Superfund site flooded during Hurricane Harvey. The plan for the San Jacinto Wastepits has been years in the making.

Pakistan’s military says it has freed five Western hostages held in Afghanistan for five years by a militant group allied with the Taliban.

On Wall Street, the DOW is down more than 22 points.

The US Army says former Taliban captive, US Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will enter a plea next week in a military court. Bergdahl was freed in 2014 in a swap for five Taliban detainees at Guantanamo Bay. The soldier had abandoned his post in Afghanistan five years earlier. When he returned, he was charged by the US Military with desertion.

A former singer in a British punk rock band who later joined ISIS in Syria has been reportedly killed in a US drone strike along with her 12-year-old son.

The State Department says the Trump admininstration is withdrawling from the United Nations culutural, educational, and scientific organization. The US has not contributed funding to UNESO since 2011.

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President Trump will be signing a new executive order which would make it easier for Americans to buy health insurance plans and circumvent rules put in place by Obamacare. The order would allow small businesses and individuals to band together as associations to buy cheaper health plans that would be exempt from some Obamacare requirements. The executive order would open Trump to legal challenges from Democratic state attorneys general who’ve questioned whether the President has the legal authority to expand association health plans.

The President’s praising Pakistan for helping to rescue an American hostage, calling it a positive moment for the two countries’ relationship. A Pakistan tip helped to find the couple.

The US is withdrawing from UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, citing an anti-Israel bias. The US stopped paying dues in 2011 when UNESCO allowed Palestine to join as a member.

It’s expected to be another windy day in California’s wine country region, fanning the flames of nearly two dozen wildfires.

The day after Pres. Trump pitched what he calls the biggest cuts in history, in Pennsylvania House Speaker Paul Ryan is keeping up the Republican push. They say their plan will save middle class families thousands of dollars and stimulate the economy. Democrats disagree, with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi calling it the same-old trickle down economics that will only benefit wealthy Americans.

The COO of Facebook will spend the day at Capitol Hill with key House members detailing divisive political ads and messages viewed by millions of people in the runup to the presidential election. Executives from Facebook, Twitter, and Google are scheduled to testify in the House and Senate next month.

Texas is planning to lethally inject a man in eight hours, although those who claim the man is innocent are filing to prevent this from happening.

A police officer is wounded near Birmingham, Alabama after a shootout earlier this morning that left a man dead.


Hamas and Fatah have signed a reconciliation deal in Cairo in a bid to end a decade long rift between the two Palestinian factions. The Egyptian host says the Fatah-backed Palestinian authority would take over full administrative responsibilities to the Gaza Strip from Hamas by December 1st.
The US is pulling out of the UN’s cultural organization, UNESCO. The State Department said this reflected concern about the need for fundamental reform and what it called continuing anti-Israeli bias. The head of UNESCO said she regretted the decision.
The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator said he’s not currently prepared to recommend that the EU start parallel negotiations about a trade deal with the UK.
The NYPD say they’re examining allegations of sexual assault against the film producer Harvey Weinstein, dating from 2004. Mr. Weinstein says he’s seeking treatment, but hasn’t apologized.
Pakistan’s military says it’s rescued a North American family held captive by the Afghan Taliban. The five hostages included a Canadian man, his American wife, and their three children who’ve been kidnapped in Afghanistan in 2012.
Prosecutors in Switzerland say they’ve opened a second criminal investigation into the former Secretary General of FIFA. Jerome Valcke is suspected of receiving bribes over the rewarding of media rights for forthcoming World Cups.
The Cambodian authorities have banned a Hollywood film because it’s villain has their secret hideout near a fictional Cambodian temple.

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