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President Trump is expected to say later today that he will not recertify the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. By decertifying Iran, he will give the Senate a chance to re-impose sanctions and rewrite the deal. Things the White House would like to see are an end to the sunset clauses that let restrictions expire and stepped up on the ground inspections and an end to the recertification requirement.

President Trump says he is going to end federal government subsidies paying insurers under the Affordable Care Act. The money is used to help low-income Americans afford health insurance. Critics say the action will increase costs for people in healthcare exchanges.

California fire officials say at least 31 people have died in this week’s devastating wildfires. More than 3500 buildings, including entire neighborhoods, have been burned to the ground. Fire crews continue to fight the fires which are mostly uncontained. New critical fire weather warnings have been issued for north and east of the San Fransisco Bay area.

Two prison employees in North Carolina, Justin Smith and Veronica Darden, were killed and several others injured yesterday after inmates started a fire in a state prison. Several inmates attempted to escape but were unsuccessful. 3 prison employees remain hospitalized and in critical condition. The prison is on lockdown with all 700 male inmates accounted for. State and local investigators are investigating.

A court in Guatemala is set to hear charges of genocide today against the country’s former dictator. This is the 2nd time the 91-year-old general faces charges stemming from the country’s civil war. He was found guilty in his 1st trial for genocide 4 years ago, but that verdict was overturned. If he is found guilty this time, he will not have to face prison as he was diagnosed with dementia in 2015. Survivors say they’ve waited a long time for justice.

The Social Security Administration says it will offer a cost living increase next year worth 2% which is the largest increase since 2012. It will go to Social Security recipients such as retirees and disabled vets. More than 70 million Americans are covered.

Senator Susan Collins R-ME says she will not run for Maine governor. She says she feels she can do more good for Maine in Washington. She has defied Pres. Trump in opposed efforts to overturn the ACA without a replacement.

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Congressional leaders are calling President Trump out for ending payments to insurers. The WH says there is no appropriation for subsidy payments and the government cannot lawfully make them. The payments which allow insurers to offset subsidies to low-income consumers will be discontinued immediately. Insurers say they may exit Obamacare exchanges in 2019 or raise premiums further. The payments have been made on a month to month basis.

Later today President Trump is to announce his plans to decertify Iran’s nuclear deal which will do nothing to the actual international agreement but will trigger a 60-day congressional review. The US is going to deny the Iranian regime all paths to a nuclear weapon. The regime and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard will be denied funding for its malign activities and the US will be rallying the international community to condemn the Guard’s gross violations of human rights and its unjust detention of American citizens.

The search for victims continues in the charred rubble of burned out buildings in California’s wine country. 31 people confirmed dead and more than 3500 homes and businesses have been destroyed. Some bodies were found in burned homes but were ash and bone.

A police officer in New Orleans was shot and killed early this morning while on patrol. Other officers shot back and the gunman surrendered.

An American woman and her family who were held hostage in Pakistan by a Taliban group left on a plane and it is not known where they are headed. She and her Canadian husband were kidnapped in 2012 and have had 3 children while in captivity. After the rescue, Pakistan described the family as being safe and sound.

It is day 3 for the manhunt of a murderer of 4 people in Ohio, including a 7-year-old boy. The suspect is described as extremely dangerous.

Texas executed Robert Pruett last night. He was convicted of stabbing Daniel Nagle, a prison guard nearly 18 years ago. In the TX death chamber he turned to the warden and said, “Nighty-night, I’m ready to go.” When the lethal injection began, he started chanting about love and lights and yelling obscenities before dying. About 100 correction officers stood in formation in tribute to Mr. Nagle and his widow said she forgives Pruett because God’s Word tells us to do so.

In baseball’s playoffs, the Cubs beat the the Nationals 9-8. They move on to play the Dodgers in the National League Championship Series.


The US has unveiled a new strategy on Iran aimed at neutralizing what it calls Tehran’s aggression and support for terrorism, which will deny Iran all paths to nuclear weapons. President Trump is expected to withdraw his support from the international nuclear deal later today. The Chinese and Russian foreign ministers said all parties must try to meet their obligations. The speaker of the Iranian Parliament reiterated that a US withdrawal will signal its end.

The Turkish military has begun setting up observation posts in the Syrian province of Italy as part of an agreement last month with Iran and Russia. Turkish soldiers were reported to have taken a position on the front line facing Kurdish YPG militias.

South Africa’s Supreme Court of Appeal has upheld a ruling to reinstate corruption charges against President Jacob Zuma. The 783 charges related to a multi-million dollar arms deal in the 1990s. He has expressed his disappointment.

Kenyan police have used tear gas on opposition supporters attempting to demonstrate for electoral reforms in defiance of a ban. The government outlawed protests on Thursday in Mombasa, Kisumu, and the capital Nairobi.

Scientists say thousands of young penguins have starved to death in east Antartica leaving just 2 surviving chicks in a colony of nearly 40,000. Extensive late-summer sea ice forced adult penguins to travel further for food with the chicks dying as they waited.

Hollywood actors and activists have called for a day-long boycott of Twitter after it suspended Rose McGowan, an actress who has accused Harvey Weinstein of raping her. Twitter said she violated its terms in some tweets.

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