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Pres. Trump heads to Texas today for a fundraising event, and will also be getting an update on hurricane recovery.

The Senate has narrowly overturned a financial role affecting consumers and banks. Banks will now be allowed to force consumers to go to arbitration, even for small disputes, and forbid them from doing class-action lawsuits.

California lawmakers are responding to allegations of widespread sexual harassment and abuse at the state capitol. 150 women in politics published a letter last week in the L.A. Times detailing mistreatment.

In Iraq, the Kurdish regional government has made a dramatic offer to the Iraqi government to freeze its bid to pursue independence, but it’s unlikely to diffuse a crisis between the two powers.

China has revealed its leadership for the next five years. The Chinese Politburo is comprised of seven men, including Xi Jinping who will serve another term as president.

Lawmakers in Hawaii’s capitol have passed a new law banning texting while walking in a crosswalk.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have won a game in the World Series while playing at home.

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Bowe Bergdahl’s sentencing hearing is about to start. After claiming he couldn’t get a fair trial, he plead guilty to deserting his post in 2009, a decision which lead to his capture and five years of Taliban captivity.

The Trump dossier is making headlines again, this time because it turns out that Hillary Clinton’s campaign and Democrats paid Fusion GPS to continue the research reportedly started by a Republican.

Police in Louisiana are looking for the gunman who shot and killed a Grambling State University student.

Five airlines will start new passenger scrutiny on flights to the U.S. starting tomorrow amid a Department of Homeland Security push for stronger security.

The Dow Jones Industrial is not going up after a series of record-breaking highs. The NASDAQ and S&P500 are also down. VISA has moved into record territory, however.

The price of oil is down a quarter, still above $52/barrel.

The National Park Service is considering a steep increase in entrance fees for s seventeen of its most popular parks. Some fees will double, and some will almost triple. The Parks Service said it expects to raise $70mil annually. Officials say the revenue will be used to address backlog of issues.

The Dodgers take the early lead in the World Series after playing the Astros.


The head of Kenya’s electoral board has said the rerun of the country’s annulled presidential election will go ahead as planned on Thursday. Earlier the Supreme Court had failed to rule on a petition urging a halt to the ballot after only two out of seven judges showed up. An opposition lawyer says the judges’ absence points to possible intimidation. The main opposition leader has told his supporters not to participate in the rerun.

A European Parliament debate on sexual violence against women has ended up highlighting harassment within the institution itself. Many woman held up ‘Me Too’ placards, based on the ‘#MeToo’ hashtag that sprang from allegations against the Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein.

The former US President, George H.W. Bush, has apologized to an actress who accused him of sexually assaulting her four years ago. A spokesman for the senior Bush has said the President would never intentionally cause anyone distress.

The Israeli authorities have approved a major expansion of a Jewish-settled enclave in a Palestinian neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem. The Palestinian side has condemned the development.

The BBC has launched an urgent complaint against the UN on Iran for persecution BBC staff and their families. The appeal comes after the Iranian authorities launched a criminal investigation into 152 BBC Persian staff and their families, alleging a conspiracy against national security. The BBC is accusing Tehran of persecuting and harassing them.

The decision not to name an obvious successor to the current Chinese leader Xi Jinping has lead to speculation that the President might want to retain some power after 2022, when he’s due to step down.

Clashes between Kurdish fighters and pro-Baghdad forces in Iraq have reportedly driven forty-thousand Iraqi Kurds from their homes.

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