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A deadly attack in Sinai occurred this morning in which at least 235 people have been killed, and over 100 others have been injured. No groups have come forward to take responsibility as of this point. The target was a Sufi mosque. Attackers also shot ambulances carrying victims away from the scene. Sufis have been a frequent target during recent violent conflicts in the region. Authorities have declared at least three days of mourning.

Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s legal team has halted communications with Pres. Trump’s attorneys. This decision is now fueling suspicions that Flynn will now be cooperating with Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and possible collusion with the Trump campaign.

Retailers have been opening doors and deals for Black Friday earlier and earlier over the years, but the shoppers have been rising earlier and earlier too to match the rush.

There are growing concerns about the crew members on an Argentine naval submarine missing in the south Atlantic. The search continues but officials believe there may have been an explosion on board. The Argentine navy says this sound was short, violent, and non-nuclear.

We turn now to South Africa where the Supreme Court has more than doubled the prison term for Olympian Oscar Pistorius. The court ruled his original sentence was too lenient, and said that he had never showed sufficient remorse for the killing.

Wall St. will be closing in roughly an hour, operating on a shortened session. The Dow is up nearly 60 points at 23,585.

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An attack occurred this morning at an Egyptian mosque, killing at least 200 and injuring more than 100 others in the Sinai peninsula. Pres. Trump has tweeted about this, calling it a ‘horrible and cowardly terrorist attack on innocent and defenseless worshippers’, and say that ‘the world cannot tolerate terrorism’. Earlier Pres. Trump called Pres. Erdogan of Turkey, asking about bringing peace to what he called ‘the mess I inherited in the Middle East’. According to Turkey’s foreign minister, Pres. Trump discussed the ongoing Syrian civil war, and told his Turkish counterpart that the US would no longer supply arms to Syrian Kurdish fighters.

There is an update on Michael Flynn. The former National Security Advisor was fired about misrepresenting his contacts with the Russian Ambassador. Lawyers for Flynn have told Trump’s lawyers that they would no longer be in communications with Trump’s team about the ongoing investigation executed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, fueling suspicions that Flynn is now collaborating with the investigators.

Today is Black Friday. Some stores say their sales are going very well, and some stores say it isn’t.

The Navy has called off the search in the Philippines Sea for three missing sailors after Wednesday’s military plane crash. Eight others were rescued alive and are in good condition.

There’s deep concern at the State Department and Indian officials are angry after Pakistan set free Islamic militants at dawn.

Police in two states are investigating deadly shootings on Thanksgiving. In San Antonio, Texas, a 10-year-old was shot as she sat in bed watching TV, police suspect it is gang related. In Columbus, Ohio, a woman was killed in a drive-by shooting while cooking in her kitchen.

In Florida, a live stock truck crashed on I-95 and the pigs it was transporting had been let loose, blocking the lanes.

On Wall Street, stocks are rising.


Egyptian state television says the number of people killed in a militant attack on crowed mosque has now risen to 235. One hundred and thirty others were injured. Gunmen stormed the building and detonated a bomb.

The new president of Zimbabwe has used his inaugural speech to lay out his plans to rebuild the economy. He said growth would be predicated on agriculture, and promised to create jobs, cut down on corruption, and welcome foreign investments.

The United States has urged the Pakistani government to rearrest and charge Hafiz Saeed, an Islamist leader accused of masterminding the 2008 attacks in the Indian city of Mumbai. A court ordered his release from house arrest last night.

The UN refugee agency says conditions are not in place to ensure the safe return of Rohingya muslims to Myanmar.

The UN says the Saudi-led coalition has given permission to restart flights carrying aid workers to Yemen. However, the coalition hasn’t responded to a request to allow ships loaded with food and medicine to dock at Yemeni ports.

The US Vice Consul in Rio has been shot in the foot during an attempted robbery.

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