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Here’s the way the left, right and foreign press are presenting the news today.


Russian president Putin says he’s ready to turn a new page in relations with the United States even as he accused the United States of violating Russian journalist’s freedom of speech. Putin was speaking after meeting with President Trump at a summit of Asian leaders in Vietnam.

Alabama’s Senate nominee Roy Moore is back on the campaign trail following a week filled with turmoil over allegations of sexual misconduct. The Republican is pushing back over mounting pressure for him to dropout of next month’s special election. Moore called his opponent ‘desperate’ and said this was a prime example of fake news.

An unofficial American delegation has committed to reducing carbon emissions at international climate talks in Germany. Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and California Gov. Jerry Brown are leading the effort.

Today is Veteran’s Day in the US, but in the UK it’s Remembrance Day. People there are pausing to remember the lives lost in the first World War.

The head of the UN Food Agency is telling world leaders that the only way to end global hunger is to end the conflicts. Eighty percent of the world food program’s funds are going to conflict regions.

A supply run to the International Space Station has been delayed. The private company Orbital ATK had put off this morning’s launch at the last minute because of an airplane flying over restricted airspace.

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Paying tribute to their service and their sacrifice; a cannon salute on Veteran’s Day at Arlington National Cemetery where VP Pence called veterans ‘America’s greatest national treasure’.

President Trump is in Vietnam’s capital where he attended a state dinner. Tomorrow, he’ll meet the Vietnamese president and prime minister. The president not meeting one-on-one with Russian president Putin. Trump inquired Putin regarding alleged election meddling, which he vehemently denied.

Two more funerals in South Texas where earlier this week six people were killed in a mass shooting.

Former judge and Senate candidate Roy Moore says he doesn’t remember and never engaged in sexual misconduct. He denies allegations that he had a sexual encounter nearly 40 years ago with a 14-year-old girl.

Not only is George Takei denying allegations that he groped a man in the 1980s, the Star-Trek actor is denying he ever knew his accuser.

A drive-thru weed dispensary has opened, the third of it’s kind in the country.

NASA will try again tomorrow to get a rocket loaded with supplies to the ISS; today’s launch was scrubbed.


The Iraqi Army says they’ve made progress in what could be their last major offense against ISIS.

Hundreds of thousands of Catalans have filled Barcelona’s main avenues to call for the release of pro-independence politicians and activists who’ve been detained by Spanish police.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, fears are growing over the possible spread of waterborne diseases in the nation’s third largest city.

Families of detained Venezuelans have described inhumane conditions for 450 prisons being held without trial. One mother says her son had been given electric shocks.

The presidents of Uganda and Tanzania has criticized the International Criminal Court for backing a full investigation into possible crimes against humanity in Burundi.

Britain’s motor racing world champion Lewis Hamilton has urged Formula 1 to improve security. His team were held up at gunpoint on Friday.

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