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On this morning’s episode of Fault Lines, we spoke again with Alex Krainer about Bill Browder, with Nobel Peace Prize nominee Chic Dambach about national security, with Dr. Annette Bosworth about masculine emotions, and with Lawrence Hurley about digital privacy.

Burst Your Media Bubble: Top Stories As Reported

Here’s the way the left, right and foreign press are presenting the news today.


President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, who was an advisor on the Trump campaign, has been interviewed by Robert Mueller’s team as part of a continuing investigation into Russia’s interference in the US Presidential election. Kushner was in the June 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer who had teased dirt on Hillary Clinton. He also met with the Russian Ambassador to the US as well as the head of a state-controlled Russian bank. Kushner denies colluding with Russia.

The Senate passed a procedural vote on a tax overhaul bill and is getting ready to debate a series of amendments to the legislation. The procedure is called “Vote-A-Rama.” Some Republicans expressed concerns with the bill and while GOP leaders could make some changes to it, they may not be able to please all Republicans. Senate Republicans can only lose 2 GOP votes to keep the bill alive.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says the Trump administration’s policy on North Korea is unnecessarily provocative after UN Ambassador Nikki Haley said that a war would utterly destroy the North Korean regime. He disagrees with Haley’s call for all countries to cut diplomatic ties to N. Korea saying that sanctions are no longer useful in influencing Pyongyang. He said the US should start a dialogue instead of doing military exercises in the region and if the Trump Admin is looking for a pretext to destroy N. Korea, it should come out in the open about it.

The fired host of NBC’s Today Show, Matt Lauer, has expressed regret after 3 colleagues came forward with accusations of sexual misconduct. He apologized in a statement.

The Senate is considering a bill reforming how veterans access healthcare in the private sector when the VA can’t meet their needs. The problem was revealed in 2014 when the VA office in Phoenix tried to conceal how long vets waited to initially see VA doctors. The cost is going to be around $50 billion and some of the money would be used to grow the VA system and support caregivers who are often vets’ family members.

Pope Francis has arrived in Bangladesh and quickly called for decisive measures to resolve the political crisis regarding Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. Some 600,000 Rohingya fled to Bangladesh to escape violence. The Pope just finished a visit to Myanmar where he didn’t use the word “Rohingya” in public remarks. He was apparently concerned Catholics in Myanmar would be persecuted if he did.

The international airport in Bali is open despite a volcano erupting not far away. It had been closed for more than 2 days stranding travelers.

Fox News

Matt Lauer has responded to his firing by NBC on the sexual harassment accusations against him in the wake of more details coming out about his behavior with female staffers. Today Show co-host Savannah Guthrie read a statement from Lauer on air that started with an apology for the pain he’s caused others. He says he is committed to repairing the damage he created.

The Senate Republican tax plan is now up for debate on the floor with amendments being kicked around to get more support. They will debate tax reform for up to 20 hours. Republicans are not yet at the necessary 50 to get the vote through.

President Trump called N. Korean leader Kim Jong-un “Little Rocket Man” again on Twitter this morning. He wrote, “hard to believe his people and the military put up with living in such horrible conditions.”

After President Trump re-tweeted 3 anti-Muslim videos posted by a British far-right leader, UK’s Amber Rudd said the President was wrong and they will not tolerate any groups who spread hate by demonizing those of other faiths or ethnicities. PM Teresa May’s office has also criticized Trump, who then shot back, “Teresa May, don’t focus on me. Focus on the destructive radical Islamic terrorism that is taking place in the UK.”

A Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy says, “No thanks” to a judge’s offer to be released from federal detention during his trial on charges from an armed standoff that stopped a government cattle roundup. 2 of his sons have been behind bars for nearly 2 years with another son and a co-defendant on house arrest.

The number of visitors coming to the US dropped nearly 4% in the 1st half of 2017 compared to the year before. Travel experts had warned President Trump’s rhetoric would lead to a “Trump Slump” in travel, but the drop may also be blamed on a strong dollar making travel to the US pricey. The biggest decline was visitors coming from the Middle East with a 30% drop, the 2nd biggest is Mexico with a 16% drop.

A Florida man is in critical condition after he was shot by a police officer who says the man came at him with a screwdriver. Officials say the officer approached the man walking suspiciously through a residential neighborhood.

As many as 800 million workers around the world could lose their jobs by robots and automation by 2030, which is more than 1/5 of today’s global labor force. Both developed and emerging countries will be affected. Jobs most vulnerable include machine operators, fast food workers, and back office employees. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, and bartenders are least likely to be overtaken by robots.

Dow futures up 82 points; overseas stocks are mixed.


The government in London has defended close ties with the US in the wake of a controversy over President Trump re-tweeting material from a British far-right group.  The Home Secretary Amber Rudd said Britain’s relationship with Washington has saved lives because of intelligence sharing, but she echoed the Prime Minister in saying Donald Trump had been wrong to spread the inflammatory anti-Islamic material.

Denmark’s Parliament has passed legislation that could ban a Russian gas pipeline from running through the country’s territorial waters. For instance, if it were deemed to clash with Denmark’s security interests as a member of NATO.

The world’s biggest exporter of crude oil and other powerful nations in the industry are expected to agree on extending cuts to supplies until the end of next year. Their meeting in Vienna.

Russia has published the draft of an agreement that would allow it’s military to use air bases in Egypt. It’s the latest sign of warming ties between Moscow and Cairo.

There has been a dramatic fall in the number of European Union citizens settling in Britain since last year’s referendum. The net migration figure has fallen by more than 100,000 people. The Statistical Office said 80% of the decline was due to more EU nationals leaving Britain and fewer arriving.

Dutch police are investigating how a former Bosnian Croat Commander and convicted war criminal Slobodan Praljak was able to kill himself by drinking poison smuggled into the UN court in the Hague. The Croatian government has observed a minute of silence for Praljak while Croatia’s Prime Minister denounced the guilty verdict, which was upheld by the tribunal.

Pope Francis has arrived in Bangladesh, the 1st visit by a Pontiff in decades. His visit is overshadowed by the severe hardship faced by hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims who fled there from Myanmar.

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