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In Vietnam, President Trump took a hard line against what he sees as unfair trading practices. He says any future trade agreements will have to level the playing field. He said the US is willing to negotiate trade deals one on one with other countries but will not allow his hands to be tied with international agreements. He also said he is always going to put America first the same way he expects other leaders to put their countries first.

Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore is facing allegations published in the Washington Post that he made sexual advances to a 14-year-old girl 40 years ago when he was an assistant DA. He denies the allegations. Some AL voters don’t think Moore will drop out. He called the charges a “desperate political attack by the National Democratic Party.”

President Trump’s spokeswoman issued a statement on Roy Moore saying if the allegations are true, “Judge Roy Moore will do the right thing and step aside.”

Officials from the electronics corporation Foxconn will be in WI today to sign a contract with state officials to build a huge LCD screen making plant there. The state is committing to $3 billion in cash payments to the company. In exchange, Foxconn will build a plant that will create up to 13,000 jobs.

The National Weather Service is predicting the 1st Arctic air mass this season will affect much of the northern and eastern US and the upper Great Lakes will get heavy snow.

Airforce officials acknowledge their failure to report the earlier court-martial of the TX church shooter. The attack left 26 dead and 20 wounded. The service did not report the shooters history to a federal database that is used to check the backgrounds of potential gun buyers.

Canadian police announced a major drugs and weapons bust in Ontario where at least 9 people with alleged ties to organized crime groups in the US have been arrested during raids. 6 kilograms of fentanyl, carfentanil, heroin, methamphetamines, and cocaine were seized. The arrests include well known organized crime members linked to crime families operating in NY. The FBI also made arrests in a separate but parallel investigation focusing on the Gambino and Bonanno crime families.

The World Health Organization is warning that unless humanitarian aid gets into Yemen very soon, the agency won’t be able to save people’s lives. On Monday, Saudi Arabia imposed a blockade on Yemen to stop rebels. This affects traffic to all of Yemen’s land, air and seaports.

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President Trump says he’s welcome to trade deals with Asian countries one on one if it is reciprocal. In Vietnam, he said, “we will compete on a fair and equal basis” and “we are not going to let the US be taken advantage of anymore.” Other nations who were part of the TPP that President Trump nixed, plan to meet on the summit sidelines to try and work out a deal without the US.

President Trump will not have a formal meeting with Russian Pres. Putin in Vietnam. He said the 2 leaders might have a less formal get together in Vietnam or the Philippines.

Republicans are moving forward with tax reform and Democrats unite against it. Nancy Pelosi says it is not written for the middle class but or wealthy donors and corporations. Republicans say it will give most people a tax cut and stimulate the economy.

There is controversy in Alabama before next month’s special election for US Senate. Roy Moore-R is accused of sexual misconduct with minors dating as far back as 1979. Moore denies it and the other Senator says if its true, there is no place for him in the US Senate.

Congress is still working on a big increase in defense spending which would be welcome at the Pentagon. They’ve been dealing with budget cuts and sequestration caps. Military leaders told a House hearing it’s taking a toll as the Naval Airforce is being forced to cannibalize aircraft, parts, and personnel to meet deployment goals.

Veterans Day is tomorrow and then Sunday more NFL games that some Vets are calling on other Vets and fans to boycott because of player protests during the National Anthem. The Star-Spangled Banner itself is under protest for verses no one ever sings that the NAACP says celebrates slaves who died when they joined the British to fight Americans during the War of 1812. The NAACP of CA has been circulating resolutions among lawmakers calling for them to rescind the “most racist, pro-slavery, anti-black songs in the American lexicon.”

In the NFL last night, no anthem protests and the Seahawks beat the Cardinals.

On Wall Street, stock futures are down the day after the Dow dropped 101 points.


Contrasting visions on the future of international trade have been presented at the Asia Pacific Economic Summit in Vietnam. Pres. Trump told business and political leaders that he would not allow the US to be taken advantage of anymore and would always put US interests 1st and expected them to reciprocate.

The Chinese President Xi Jinping told the same audience that globalization was irreversible and must give equal benefits to all countries.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has said it will retaliate against American media organizations working in Russia after the Kremlin-funded TV channel RT said it’s been required to register in the US as a foreign agent. RT said the move was an attack on free speech and is being singled out following allegations that Russia interfered in last years elections.

Authorities in Papua New Guinea have started to dismantle makeshift shelters at an Australian detention center hours before a deadline for refugees to leave or be forcibly moved.

The Lebanese President Michel Aoun has expressed his concern over Saad Hariri as calls grow in Lebanon for the former Prime Ministers immediate return. Many believe that he is being held under house arrest by the Saudis.

Reports from Syria suggest that the Islamic State group has not yet fully lost its last urban stronghold despite claims of victory by the Syrian Army. They say IS has recaptured almost half of the border town of Albu Kamal.

Uber has lost an appeal to a London court against a ruling that gave its drivers’ employment rides.

Ceremonies are being held in Belgium to mark the centenary of one of the bloodiest battles of the 1st World War where as many as 700,000 allied and German soldiers were killed.


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