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Roy Moore is facing increasing pressure to step aside, however, he shows no signs of bowing to that pressure. A 5th woman has come forward to allege inappropriate behavior and assault by Moore when she was a teenager and he was in his 30s. He denies the allegations, but Sen. Mitch McConnell R-KY is leading other Senators calling on Moore to get out of the race and is looking into how another Republican can mount a write-in campaign. Cory Gardner R-CO says that if Moore is elected, the Senate should vote to expel him; there is no modern precedent for expulsion.

A key Senate panel continues work today on a bill that Republicans say would cut taxes for most American workers and families. Democrats are raising questions about the plans for the middle class. Sen. Susan Collins R-ME says she is not sure if she will support the bill but she would like to see it do more for families without cutting the top rate for people making over $1 million. President Trump plans to visit the House Republicans on Thursday morning to discuss the bill.

At least 530 people have been killed in the Monday earthquake in the Iraq and Iran border. More than 8,000 people have been hurt. The tremor was felt widely in Iraq but most of the deaths and injuries are in Iran, which is no stranger to earthquakes and sits on many fault lines.

Puerto Rico’s Governor estimates it will take about $94 billion to repair hurricane damage on his island where more than 400,000 homes were damaged by Hurricane Maria this year and the power grid was destroyed. He is asking for additional financial aid from the federal government.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions will testify before the House Judiciary Committee today. He is asking Federal Prosecutors to review claims of wrongdoing by the Clinton Foundation such as the sale of a Uranium company to Russian-backed interests while Hillary Clinton was Sec. of State. Prosecutors will determine if a new Special Counsel is needed.

Researchers say a genetic risk factor is for drug and alcohol use is a problem for adolescent boys but not girls. Studies show that in boys between ages of 11 and 13 it was associated with an increased desire for immediate gratification and in girls, the effect was opposite as girls were less likely to focus on short-term rewards. This has implications for programs aiming to prevent substance abuse since what might work for boys may not work for girls.

The ousted president of the Spanish region, Catalonia says he would consider taking a step short of secession from Spain. He is in Belgium fighting extradition to Spain, where he is wanted on rebellion charges.

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There could be a 2nd Special Counsel as Attorney General Sessions is ordering the justice department to look into an Obama era Uranium deal and if that involved financial dealings with the Clinton Foundation as an FBI informant claimed.

Meanwhile, Sessions is moving under more scrutiny today, especially from Democrats in the Russia probe and what he knew about contacts between the Trump Campaign and Russia. Sessions will likely refuse to answer questions about his private communications with Pres. Trump as he has previously.

Another Roy Moore denial after another accuser came forward. He says this is “absolutely false.” He claims he didn’t even know the woman who accuses him of groping her in a car 40 years ago when she was 16. Beverly Young Nelson alleges Moore tried to force her into sex as she tried to fight him off. Some Senate Republicans are urging Moore to quit the race before the election next month.

President Trump is on his way home saying he made a lot of friends at the highest level in Asia and they got the message that the US is open for trade if it’s fair.

In Iran, 530 bodies have been found after the earthquake near the Iraqi border. More than 7,000 were injured.

Another bullet-riddled body was found in a Tampa neighborhood early this morning where they suspect a serial killer shot 3 people in a 10-day span last month, which prompted Tampa’s mayor to urge police to “bring his head to me.”

Sen. Bob Corker R-TN will hold a hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to review the president’s powers to order a nuclear attack. With tensions so high over N. Korea and President Trump’s recent “fire and fury” remarks, some lawmakers question if the President should hold all of the control over America’s nuclear arsenal.

It has been nearly 5 years since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut and the case is back in court today. Attorney’s will represent a survivor of the shooting and families of victims in hopes of holding a gun maker responsible for the massacre that killed 26 people; 20 of them 1st graders.

Baseball Hall of Famer Bobby Doerr has died at 99 years old. He was an all-star 2nd baseman with the Red Sox.


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is visiting the area hit by a powerful earthquake which is now known to have killed more than 460 people. 12,000 residential buildings were destroyed and many who lost their homes spent the second night in the open and near-freezing temperatures.

South Korean doctors are fighting to save the life a N. Korean soldier who was shot by his own side as he crossed the 2 countries heavily fortified border. He was hit at least 5 times from bullets fired by N. Korean guards.

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has asked President Trump to forgive his country of debt incurred during the 1970s when the US was both offering Cambodia money and bombing it. When the 2 leaders met in the Philipines, the PM asked Pres. Trump to convert the loan into aid.

The UN Human Rights Commissioner has condemned as inhuman the EU’s policy of intercepting migrants in the Mediterranean and returning them to Libya. He called it an outrage to the conscience of humanity.

A Serbian court has given 4 men suspended prison sentences for their part in setting fire to the US embassy in Belgrade in February 2008 during protests against Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence. 3 others were acquitted.

Media watchdog, Reporters Without Borders, has condemned an Algerian court’s decision to indict a freelance journalist on spying charges that could see him jailed for life. Said Chitour who has worked with local and international media organizations has been accused of handing over confidential documents to foreign diplomats.

The largest diamond of its kind ever to be sold publicly is to be auctioned in Switzerland later today. It was unearthed last year in Angola.


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