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NBC News has fired Matt Lauer after accusations of sexual harassment by a colleague. The network has released few details and his co-host struggled to report the news this morning. NBC Chairman Andrew Lack issued a statement which says a colleague reported a detailed complaint of inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace and they have reason to believe it may not have been an isolated incident. Lauer has served as co-anchor for 20 years earning a report $20 million annually.

NBC News is one of several organizations, including NPR that have recently fired or parted ways with male executives who have been accused of harassment.

North Korea’s latest long-range missile test is prompting an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council. State media and Pyongyang are describing the missile as being more powerful than previous ones. Sec. of State Tillerson say said diplomatic options remain viable for now and stressed that additional UN sanctions are needed including the right to interdict Maritime traffic headed to N. Korea. Some experts say the latest missile launched could reach anywhere in the US.

President Trump re-tweeted videos posted by a far-right group in the UK, Britain First. The graphic video shows a mob pushing a boy off a tall pillar and beating him, a Muslim man smashing a statue of the Virgin Mary, and another man beating a Dutch youth on crutches which has been debunked. There is anger at Trump for highlighting material from the extremist ultra-nationalist group and one man tweeted, “Trump has legitimized the far-right in his own country. Now he’s trying to do it in ours.”

The Dow average is up 106 and the NASDAQ is down 31.

A judge in Oregon is set to hear statements today over whether a county jail is violating the state’s so-called sanctuary policy. The jail is about 80 miles East of Portland and the lawsuit by a group of county residents argues the jail’s lucrative contract violates OR sanctuary law. That law prohibits using local resources for federal immigration enforcement if a person’s only crime is being in the country illegally. Jail officials say they are operating on solid legal ground and housing detainees.

A war crimes tribunal was halted dramatically today when one of the convicted men shouted he was not a war criminal then drank poison from a small bottle. He has now died. He was already convicted of forcing Bosnian Muslims to leave his region during the Yugoslav war in the 1990s.

The airport in Bali has reopened after being closed because of a huge volcano erupting closeby. As many as 100,000 were told to evacuate.

Fox News

Matt Lauer is out at NBC after 20 years due to accusations of improper sexual behavior. His Today Show Savannah Guthrie reacted to the news saying, “We are devastated and we are still processing all of this.” She also read a statement from NBC Chairman Andrew Lack which says on Monday night a colleague reported a complaint of inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace against Lauer and it may not have been an isolated incident.

North Korea claims the latest test launch could be capable of landing anywhere in the US. They are saying that a newly developed inter-continental ballistic missile is more sophisticated than any the country previously tested and they are now a fully-fledged nuclear state. Russia calls the launch “provocative” and China expresses “grave concern and opposition” and the S. Korean President says the situation risks getting out of control.

President Trump re-tweeted unverified videos this morning claiming to show Muslims physically attacking non-Muslims with captions like, “Muslim migrant beats up Dutch boy on crutches.” It originally came out of a British far-right political party. The President passed them on without comment.

Police in Reno, NV shot and killed a man firing a gun from an 8th-floor condo. No one else was hurt. A woman described as a hostage is okay. Streets were closed and people were kept inside casinos. The man with the gun has not been publicly identified, but police say he is in his 30s.

A convicted war criminal is dead after taking out a little bottle and drinking poison at a hearing in the Netherlands where judges re-confirmed his 20-year prison sentence. He was convicted of involvement in a campaign to drive Muslims out of Bosnia in the early 90s. After drinking the poison he shouted, “I am not a war criminal. I oppose this conviction.”

A massive crowd is expected tonight at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree lighting in mid-town Manhatten with a rigorous security team attending. NYPD will also have a heavy presence to detour any potential attacks. Various artists will perform including Gwen Steffani and Pentatonix.

LeBron James was ejected from an NBA game Tuesday after arguing a foul with a referee.

The airport on the island of Bali has reopened but 100,000 people who live near a volcano have been told to stay away. Tourists have been stranded. Volcanic ash can stop airplane engines.


State media in Croatia say a Bosnian war criminal has died in the hospital after drinking poison in the last hearing of the international criminal tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. He drank liquid from a small bottle immediately after his 20-year prison sentence was upheld.

President Trump has used his Twitter account to share 3 inflammatory anti-Muslim videos posted by a far-right member of a group, Britain First.” The videos purport to show Muslims destroying a Christian statue, killing a boy, and attacking a disabled man.

Matt Lauer, the veteran anchor of one of America’s top breakfast news programs, NBC’s Today Show, has been sacked after being accused of sexual harassment.

A critic of former President Mugabe has been acquitted of all charges against him by a court in Zimbabwe. pastor Evan Mawarire had been accused of trying to subvert the government. It is being seen as the 1st test of judicial independence after Mugabe’s downfall.

UNICEF says children in the rebel-held enclave of eastern Ghouta in Syria are suffering the highest rate of infant malnutrition so far seen in the conflict and about 12% of children under 5 face acute malnutrition.

President Trump says he is certain N. Korea will come under additional sanctions after it’s the latest launch of a long-range ballistic missile. He said he discussed the development with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping. The UN Sec General said Pyongyang’s test is a clear violation of Sec. Council resolutions.

President Buhari says all Nigerians stranded abroad will be brought home in reaction to recent footage showing Africans for sale as slaves in Libya. He said it is appalling the Nigerians were being sold like goats.


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