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The ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee stepped down from his post amid accusations of sexual misconduct. Congressman John Conyers acted after Nancy Pelosi told Meet the Press that “he will do the right thing in terms of what he knows about his situation. He is entitled to due process but women are entitled to due process as well.” 88-year-old Conyers vigorously denies the allegations and says he is stepping down to eliminate the distraction for his colleagues.

On the Republican side, debate continues to swirl around Alabama’s US Senate candidate Roy Moore, accused of sexual misconduct. He denies the charges. Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) said Moore should get out of the race because it would be “better for the country.” Moore faces Democrat Doug Jones December 12th.

UNICEF said it delivered 1.9 million doses of different vaccines to the Yemeni capital on an aid flight Saturday. Officials say it’s a very small step and called on the Saudi government to allow aid shipments to continue and that every 10 minutes a child in Yemen dies of preventable causes. Aid agencies warn of a possible cholera epidemic and said more than 150,000 young children are in danger of starving to death.

Zimbabwe’s ex-president Robert Mugabe is in good spirits and has adapted well to his dramatic fall from grace according to his nephew. He would not comment on a report that Mugabe would receive $10 million retirement package after agreeing to step down. Former 1st lady, Grace Mugabe, is focusing on plans to build a million dollar university in Mugabe’s honor, which has drawn sharp criticism as Mugabe is blamed for destroying the economy and education system.

Guatemala today celebrates its Afro-Caribbean culture with celebrations and parades on its Atlantic coast, home to some 17,000 Afro-Guatemalans called Garifunas.

Today at the Vatican, Pope Francis led a minute of silence for the victims of a militant attack on an Egyptian mosque. He leaves today for a 6 day trip to Myanmar and Bangladesh.

A volcano on the Indonesian island of Bali rumbled into life overnight with a series of eruptions. Some international flights were disrupted temporarily and nearby resorts were dusted with ash. Mount Agung erupted Saturday and 3 times today sending ash 13,000 feet.

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Democratic Senator Al Franken has called for an investigation into allegations against him saying, “this whole thing has been embarrassing and difficult.” Republican Senator Rob Portman said on Meet the Press that he thinks the investigations will lead to a positive outcome and will “end up changing people’s attitudes and changing our culture.”

Democratic Congressman John Conyers denies allegations of sexual misconduct, but steps aside as the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee. Conyers says he looks forward to vindicating himself before the House Committee on ethics.

President Trump is said to ramp up the pressure this week as Republicans in the Senate pass his tax reform proposal. Party members plan on make or break floor vote on their $1.5 trillion tax-cut bill as soon as Thursday. The GOP must hold together at least 50 votes from its 52 vote majority in order to prevail.

Security officials and residents of an Egyptian village where militants killed 305 people in a mosque say elders had been warned by ISIS operatives in recent months to stop collaborating with security forces and to suspend rituals associated with Islam’s mystical movement.

An off-duty Michigan officer reacted quickly when an intruder broke into her southwest Detroit home early Saturday morning. As soon as she heard her door being kicked in at around 1:30 AM, she grabbed her weapon and fired, hitting the man in the chest. He was wearing a ski mask and armed with a pistol. He was pronounced dead at the scene. She will be on desk duty pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, a 12 ton Norway Spruce will be lit just before 9 PM in NYC on Wednesday night. It has been a city fixture for 8decades with the 1st official one going on display back in 1933. Various performers will take the stage between 7 and 9 PM. The tree will remain lit until January 72018, and then donated to Habitat for Humanity.


The UN says the 1st ship carrying aid has arrived in a rebel-held Yemeni port. The Saudi led coalition eased the blockade that has lasted nearly 3 weeks. the vessel was loaded with thousands of tons of desperately needed wheat. Yemen is on the verge of famine while the coalition fights Houthi rebels who are at war with Yemen’s government.

Venezuela’s president Nicolás Maduro has named a military general to head the state oil company, PDVSA, and the country’s energy ministry. Maduro said the appointment of Major General Manuel Quevedo was part of what he called a “new oil revolution” that would tackle corruption within the ministry.

Anti-government demonstrators in Romania are marching through Bucharest to protest against judicial reforms that they say will protect dishonest politicians. Protests in February prompted the government to scrap the decree diluting anti-corruption legislation.

A Jesuit priest in Zimbabwe who helped negotiate Robert Mugabe’s exit has told the BBC that leaving power is the best thing Mugabe has ever done. He said he thought the former president has a political role to play as an elder statesman.

Cubans are voting in municipal elections at the start of a process which will see Raul Castro step down in February.  More than 20,000 delegates will be elected by local assemblies.

Voting is underway in Honduras where a sitting president is likely to be re-elected for the 1st time in the country’s modern history. the controversial rule change 2 years ago that allowed the incumbent to run for another term in office.

The Pakistani government and military have decided not to use force against Islamist protesters who are blocking a key highway in the capital Islamabad. Authorities agreed to restart negotiations with the Islamist leaders to resolve the standoff.

France beat Belgium to win the Davis Cup which gives France it’s 10th Davis title.

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