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Populist Morning Report | Hundreds Dead in Attack on Mosque

Burst Your Media Bubble: Top Stories As Reported Here’s the way the left, right and foreign press are presenting the news today. NPR A deadly attack in Sinai occurred this morning in which at least 235 people have been killed, and over 100 others have been injured. No groups have come forward to take responsibility as of this point. The target was a Sufi mosque. Attackers also shot ambulances carrying victims away from the scene. Sufis have been a frequent target during recent violent conflicts in the region. Authorities have declared at least three days of mourning. Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s legal team has halted communications with Pres. Trump’s attorneys. This decision is now fueling suspicions that Flynn will now be cooperating with Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and possible collusion with the Trump campaign. Retailers have been opening doors and deals for Black Friday earlier and earlier over the years, but the shoppers have been rising earlier and earlier too to match the rush. There are growing concerns about the crew members on an Argentine naval submarine missing in the south Atlantic. The search continues but officials believe there may have been an explosion on board. The Argentine navy says this sound was short, violent, and non-nuclear. We turn now to South Africa where the Supreme Court has more than doubled the...

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Bryan Burrough: Assata Shakur and the Black Liberation Army

Lee Stranahan: We’re talking to Bryan Burrough. He’s the author of the great book “Days of Rage.” Now, you mention the Black Liberation Army and again, without getting into the politics of it, Assata Shakur has become a major focal point for a lot of people in the Black Lives Matter movement because the founders of Black Lives Matter, the three women who founded it, have stated that she’s one of their heroes. When I get into discussions with people about Assata Shakur, they’ll say, “Well, I think she was innocent” or whatever.

The thing I point out is that the Black Liberation Army, the group that she was part of, leave aside her specific case, that was a group that as you said the Black Liberation Army’s sole goal, basically, was to assassinate the police, correct? You talk about some of their history.

Bryan Burrough: Look, you don’t have to be a right-winger to know that that’s a true statement. The Black Liberation Army, of which Assata Shakur was the last and most infamous leader, existed to do one thing, which is what an awful lot of Black Panthers wanted to do and everyone in the BLA did, and that was kill cops. They did it rather successfully, it depends on who you say was in the BLA, but between 10 and 20 policemen between 1971 and 1974.

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Populist Morning Report | President of Kurdistan Steps Down

Burst Your Media Bubble: Top Stories As Reported Here’s the way the left, right and foreign press are presenting the news today. NPR Thousands of people opposing Catalan independence are flooding the streets of Barcelona, waving Spanish, Catalan, and European Union flags. Today’s protest comes two days after Catalonia voted for independence from Spain. Shortly after, the Spanish government fired the entire Catalan parliament, taking direct control of the region. These protests may affect the economy of Spain, as 1,600 companies have relocated their legal headquarters outside of Catalonia. The President of Iraq’s Kurdish region is stepping down. His decision follows the Kurdish vote for independence in a recent referendum, and the subsequent advance of Iraqi forces. Elections were to have been hold on November 1st, but they’ve been postponed until next year. The U.S. and Baghdad had warned the Kurds not to hold the referendum. Pres. Trump this week is expected to announce his nominee to head the Federal Reserve. Game five of the World Series last night. The LA Dodgers beat the Houston Astros last night 6-2. Voters in Iceland have thrown out their center-right government after a series of political scandals. It’s unclear who will be tapped by the president to form a new coalition after major gains by left-leaning parties. The Kenyan opposition leader is calling for a new presidential election in the next 90...

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Populist Morning Report | Xi Jinping Remains Central China Announces News Leadership

Burst Your Media Bubble: Top Stories As Reported Here’s the way the left, right and foreign press are presenting the news today. NPR Pres. Trump heads to Texas today for a fundraising event, and will also be getting an update on hurricane recovery. The Senate has narrowly overturned a financial role affecting consumers and banks. Banks will now be allowed to force consumers to go to arbitration, even for small disputes, and forbid them from doing class-action lawsuits. California lawmakers are responding to allegations of widespread sexual harassment and abuse at the state capitol. 150 women in politics published a letter last week in the L.A. Times detailing mistreatment. In Iraq, the Kurdish regional government has made a dramatic offer to the Iraqi government to freeze its bid to pursue independence, but it’s unlikely to diffuse a crisis between the two powers. China has revealed its leadership for the next five years. The Chinese Politburo is comprised of seven men, including Xi Jinping who will serve another term as president. Lawmakers in Hawaii’s capitol have passed a new law banning texting while walking in a crosswalk. The Los Angeles Dodgers have won a game in the World Series while playing at home. Fox News Bowe Bergdahl’s sentencing hearing is about to start. After claiming he couldn’t get a fair trial, he plead guilty to deserting his post in 2009,...

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Populist Morning Report | First Evacuees Return Home After Largest Wildfire in California State’s History

Burst Your Media Bubble: Top Stories As Reported Here’s the way the left, right and foreign press are presenting the news today. NPR   Lawmakers are still trying to figure out what happened in Niger that resulted in the deaths of four US soldiers. Some Northern California wildfire evacuees are being allowed to return to their homes since being forced to live almost two weeks ago, but residents of the city of Santa Rosa are being warned about inhaling toxic chemicals as government workers help to dispose of the toxic ash. More than 6000 structures burned during these wildfires, the deadliest since California joined the US. A federal appeals court in Washington is wrestling with whether the government should allow a pregnant 17-year old to have an abortion. Despite the impacts of multiple hurricanes, realtors are saying that rates of home sales rose unexpectedly in September in the US. On Wall Street, the DJI is up 129 points. In Spain, officials say they may force fresh elections in the northeast region of Catalonia in an attempt to stop an independence movement there. Spain’s cabinet begins a special session tomorrow to begin proceedings to take control of Catalonia, including firing or possibly jailing dissidents. Separatists are angry about the prospect of a takeover, and are telling supporters to pull their money out of Catalan banks that will move out of...

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