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Populist Morning Report | Former Trump Aide Wiretapped for Years

Burst Your Media Bubble: Top Stories As Reported Here’s the way the left, right and foreign press are presenting the news today. NPR Hurricane Maria has sustained winds of 160mph. It may reach Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands overnight. The area is heavily damaged following the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. In the British Virgin Islands, people are worried about shelters which are already damaged from Irma. President Trump is speaking at 10am to the UN General Assembly in New York. He’s expected to discuss security and issues involving North Korea and Iran. News reports indicate that former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort has been wiretapped. CNN and CBS report the surveillance began in 2014 and lasted into this year. It’s not clear if the surveillance found any contact between Manafort and Trump. The reports say the information has been shared with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who’s leading the Russian interference investigation. Donald Trump’s long time personal lawyer is scheduled to meet with Congressional investigators today. He is expected to be interviewed about any contacts with Russia. Protest organizers in St. Louis plan to continue demonstrations against police brutality today. They are protesting the ‘not guilty’ verdict of a white police officer who fatally shot a black man in 2011. On Wall Street, the DOW is up 20 points, with the NASDAQ up a fraction. A new study from...

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SPIKED: Stories Breitbart Editor Alex Marlow Didn’t Want You To Read

The following stories are all ones that I wrote, submitted to Breitbart News and that were killed by editor-in-chief Alex Marlow.  I’m publishing them in the hopes that some readers and fans of Breitbart News will be able to understand the frustration that I often had working there.  I was not the only writer who had stories killed by Alex,  who  ruled the site in a standoffish and condescending way. I’m posting these in the wake of the devastating Newsweek cover story where I’m quoted. As that article states: Perhaps no man has a more complex relationship with Breitbart than Lee Stranahan,...

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Lee Stranahan Kicked Out of the Crowdstrike Building

Lee Stranahan was today kicked out of the D.C. area headquarters of the cybersecurity firm Crowdstrike, the only group outside of the DNC known to have inspected the DNC’s servers. Crowdstrike was the firm which attributed the attack to the Russians in mid-June of 2016, and was also the group that denied the FBI access to the servers. See Lee’s previous coverage of Crowdstrike in the articles below: Fix Is In: House Committee on ‘Russian Hacking’ Includes Only DNC-Hired Tech Experts A list of witnesses scheduled to appear at a House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Open Hearing on...

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New White House Apprenticeship Program

The White House recently announced a new apprenticeship program. We’ve put together some information on the program for you. Here are a few recent stories about the program from several major publications: Apprenticeships pave the way to the American dream – Fox These programs will help close the skills gap and reform ineffective education and job training. The Executive Order will streamline the administrative processes of the current program by shifting the certification from the Department of Labor to industry, which is well equipped to set standards since they know what their companies and workforces need. In addition, it...

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Communist Past of Director Behind Trump-Murdering NYC Play

In his latest Periscope, Lee reports on the communist past of director Oskar Eustis, whose latest play, Julius Caesar, features a lead that looks suspiciously like Donald Trump being murdered. You can read the story yourself with a few links we’ve grabbed for you. Inside the High-Drama Life of Hamilton Impresario Oskar Eustis Oskar Eustis on Trump, ‘Julius Caesar’ and the Politics of...

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