Author: Lee Stranahan

Google Paid Ad Promotes Terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki

Google, the world’s top search engine and one of the world’s largest companies, is running paid ads promoting Anwar al-Awlaki, the deceased American-born imam who was directly and indirectly responsible for some of the world’s most famous and deadly terror attacks in the past few years, including the 9/11 terror attack, the Ft. Hood massacre, the Charlie Hebdo attack, the Boston Marathon bombing, and the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting. As this story goes to press, people searching on Google for Anwar al-Awlaki are likely to be presented with a paid advertisement for al-Awlaki’s website. The simple website consists of...

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Disloyal: Ivanka Trump Partied with Trump-Haters Prior to Inauguration

Introduction Some have suggested that President Trump has elevated his daughter Ivanka Trump to a position of power inside the White House because of her “loyalty” to him, but based on the people she chose to surround herself with just prior to Trump taking office, her loyalty to her father seems suspect. Multiple news sources reported that in January, shortly before Donald Trump was inaugurated as President, Ivanka Trump had a “secret dinner party” that was organized by her advisor Dina Powell. The guest list seems to not include a single person who supported her father during the election....

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Timeline of the Coup

Introduction This timeline shows in chronological order the ascendency into power of a group of key advisors connected to Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, and how it relates to various policy positions, including the recent missile strike into Syria. We’ve recently written about two of the key players, Dina Powell and Gary Cohn, so please visit this page for more info on their backgrounds and connections. The Timeline November 16, 2016: Jerad Kushner given security clearance to Presidential briefings Trump team has asked for son in law Jared Kushner to have top secret clearance for Presidential Daily...

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White House Coup – Information On Gary Cohn and Dina Powell

This is a time for Trump supporters who believe in the Nationalist Populist agenda to make their voices heard. This isn’t about hype or conjecture. Ask yourself: did you help elect Donald Trump to put people like Gary Cohn and Dina Powell in place? Daily Mail: Turf war! Trump’s gang of moderate New York advisors said to be battling with Bannon’s populist GOP hardliners for policy influence • Factions are forming in Trump’s White House, new Washington Post report says • On one side, the populist GOP team led by Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus • Against them, so-called...

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How (and Why) the Media Gets the Flynn/Russia Story Wrong

The obsession the media and the Democrats have in attempting to connect Donald Trump and Russia has led to what the President has referred to as a “witch hunt” against General Michael Flynn, who has already been driven from the Trump administration over a meeting that Flynn had with a Russian ambassador. The charge that President Trump and his team were working with Russia are dynamite, and the Democrat’s opposition has been nothing less than incendiary, with some Democratic lawmakers actually using the word treason to describe Flynn’s dealings with Russia. Meanwhile, the months of claims and counter-claims on...

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