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Assange Vigil Day 4: Alex Jones, Cassandra Fairbanks, and George Webb

Assange Vigil Day 4: Alex Jones, Cassandra Fairbanks, and George Webb

Firebrand Alex Jones showed up in front of the White House with a bullhorn on Tuesday, the fourth day of Lee Stranahan’s journalism vigil in support of Julian Assange at Lafayette Square in front of the White House.

Alex made an impassioned plea for Donald Trump to support free speech and end the censorship, and targeted tech companies especially. He also called for the release of jailed journalist Julian Assange, who was arrested on April 11th and is currently being held at Her Majesties Prison Belmarsh. Reports from last night, including from Julian’s mother, state that Assange has not been allowed any visitors, including from his legal counsel.

Also showing up at today’s vigil was Cassandra Fairbanks, who said she believed that Assange would be processed, information she received after she repeatedly “harassed” the Belmarsh prison for information about Assange. She said that Assange has talked to his lawyers by telephone, but has not been able to see anyone yet, something that officials have blamed on the Easter holiday.

Independent journalist George Webb also made an appearance during the vigil, showing support for Assange and calling for his release.

Alex Jones will be appearing on Fault Lines with Nixon & Stranahan on Wednesday morning. Here are several videos of his appearances in front of the White House during the vigil.