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Video That Proves Mike Cernovich is Lying About Jeffrey Epstein Goes Viral

Video That Proves Mike Cernovich is Lying About Jeffrey Epstein Goes Viral

A segment from the Radio Sputnik show Fault Lines with Nixon and Stranahanwent viral after co-host Lee Stranahan accused social media personality MikeCernovich of misleading his audience about this role in the Jeffery Epstein case.

Cernovich claims credit for being “the first person to file” to unseal records regarding the billionaire’s alleged sexual abuse of dozens of underage young women — a complete lie, Stranahan states in the explosive video.

Stranahan made his case on Fault Lines on Wednesday morning and by midnight the video of the segment had gotten over 10,000 views on Persiscope.

Watch the viral video here.

Stranahan said he was stunned to see that Cernovich was deceiving his own social media audience, who “believe that Mike Cernovich caused the Jeffrey Esptein arrest.”

Stranahan said. “Why do they believe that? Because Mike’s saying it.” In posts on his own website, Cernovich claims that the mainstream media is unwilling to give him credit as a “citizen journalist.”

Cernovich is “a liar,” Stranahan said. “Did he file against Jeffrey Epstein and the state to get records unsealed in the Jeffrey Epstein case? No, he did not. Not at all. He filed against Jeffrey Epstein’s victim.”

The recent court ruling that Cernovich himself links to shows that Stranahan’s claim is accurate; Cernovich did not file to unseal Epstein’s secret plea in the criminal case against Epstein but instead Cernovich filed a motion in the civil suit between one of Epstein’s alleged victims and Epstein’s ex-girlfriend.

That victim, Virginia Giuffre, sued Epstein’s ex-girlfriend Ghislane Maxwell for defamation for calling Giuffre a liar when Giuffre said that Maxwell had helped procure young girls for prostitution and that Maxwell joined

That suit was settled in 2017, with the alleged procurer Ghislane Maxwell paying Epstein’s alleged victim Giuffre a settlement. Giuffre has also accused famed lawyer and Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz of molesting her as well. Dershowitz has adamantly denied her allegations. Other victims and associates of Jeffrey Epstein’s have also accused Dershowitz of similar crimes.

Just a few weeks after Cernovich’s attempt to intervene in Jeffrey Epstein’s victim Virgina Giuffre civil case, lawyers for Ms. Giuffre filed a court motion taking a very dim view of Cernovich’s attempts to unseal records in her civil suit, saying in a 2017 filing:

Proposed Intervenor and purported “journalist” Michael Cernovich requests that this Court grant him intervenor status for the purpose of unsealing and publishing a single filing from the above-captioned case: Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment,along with its nearly 700 pages of exhibits.

The victim’s legal filing against Cernovich continues:

Curiously, Mr. Cernovich does not request to see any other sealed portion of the extensive record in this case (now spanning 586 docket entries). Nor does he seek access to Ms. Giuffre’s Response in Opposition to Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment. Indeed, his cherry-picking of just one filing by Defendant to publicize belies his stated position that “all Parties to this litigation have committed a transgression” by filing documents under seal pursuant to this Court’s Orders.

Stranahan has also pointed out that Cernovich is misdirecting his audience on these facts about former Epstein lawyer and friend Alan Dershowitz’s attempts to gain access to material in the same civil case, citing as evidence things like a posting on Cernovich’s website summarizing what he says is his role in the Epstein, Cernovich makes scant mention of Dershowitz and no mention at at all about Dershowitz filing to unseal evidence in the civil case months before Cernovich.

As the victim’s legal filing points out, Dershowitz filed to unseal the same records as Cernovich — presumably to see the details of the allegations leveled against him in the lawsuit against Maxwell. His case was denied in 2016.

In 2017, Cernovich also filed to access these records against Giuffre — again, the victim of Epstein’s predations, not Epstein himself. Giuffre’s attorney, Stranahan explained, attempted to unseal the same information as Dershowitz.

In his viral video, Stranahan explains the timeline that Cernovich is obscuring. “After Dershowitz files (in November, 2016) to get the records unsealed, and he gets rejected, then Mike files. Then Dershowitz joins(…)Mike’s case. Then the Miami Herald gets involved. And none of that has to do with Jeff Epstein’s arrest.”

Cernovich stated in a Periscope broadcast in New York this week that his lawyer suggested he file to unseal records in the Epstein case. Cernovich’s lawyer thought it might cost ten thousand dollars, which Cernovich curiously treated as a throwaway amount for a “small, abstract win.”

Who is Cernovich’s lawyer? The person who argued the case in court wasn’t Cernovich himself. Instead the arguments were made by First Amendment attorney Marc Randazza.

Stranahan points out that Randazza also represents publisher, researcher and political operative Chuck C. Johnson, who worked closely with Dershowitz as a research assistant and who has worked with Cernovich.

Stranahan, the former lead investigative reporter at Breitbart News, also said that prominent Breitbart editors are close with Dershowitz and Chuck Johnson. Senior editor-at-large Joel Pollak also worked as a research associate for Dershowitz and the two lawyers remain close friends.

Breitbart News ran a jubilant July 6 story: “Cernovich: Epstein Arrest Shows ‘Andrew Breitbart’s Spirit is Alive And Well,’” essentially running a press release for Cernovich, who has admitted that he had never heard of Andrew Breitbart until 2015, three years after Breitbart’s death.

The Breitbart article does not question at all Cernovich’s false claims that he initiated a successful lawsuit that led to Epstein’s arrest and repeats Cernovich’s claim that “Anyone claiming I wasn’t first to file, at considerable personal and financial risk to myself, is simply lying.”

Stranahan, a close friend of Andrew Breitbart, was appalled by the Breitbart puff piece, saying “If you’re reading Breitbart, they’re not telling about the multiple accusers against Dershowitz,” Stranahan said. “They’re letting Mike Cernovich gets away with saying he’s the one who caused this case and now the media’s ignoring it and it’s not true. It’s just not true.”

Stranahan doubled down in a follow-up video, detailing Cernovich’s obfuscations and false statements.