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Save MAGA: Exposing The Fraud Part One: Jeff Giesea

Save MAGA: Exposing The Fraud Part One: Jeff Giesea

While President Trump and his millions of supporters have been mercilessly and unfairly attacked by the mainstream media as anti-Semites, racists and white supremacists for years, it turns out that a powerful self-appointed leader of the #MAGA movement named Jeff Giesea has been actively and secretly funding and supporting openly racist individuals and groups.

This is Part One of a story about the stunning betrayal of President Trump and the entire country, especially the Trump #MAGA base. It’s a story about hypocrisy, fraud, and secret social media accounts spewing propaganda, most of it aimed directly at Trump supporters by well-funded influencers who infiltrated the MAGA movement claiming they are Trump supporters, yet secretly pushing messages like Rape Melania.

The consequences of the actions of this small group of liars have been profound, including perpetuating the worst stereotypes about Trump and his supporters, further dividing the nation, and a pattern of personal destruction against anyone trying to expose them.

In an era where Americans need to be constantly on guard against what President Trump has rightly called “fake news” this is a story about how social media stars were quite literally creating fake news and hiding their real goals.

How A Small Group of Hucksters Took Advantage Of Trump’s Momentum

After Donald Trump announced he was running for President in 2015, he also immediately became the front runner. His brash style and straight talk on issues like immigration and putting America first attracted both ardent supporters and crazed critics.


The 2016 election season also saw the rapid rise of a number of new “internet celebrities” like Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec, as well as the new phenomenon of “memes” like the pictures of a cartoon character named Pepe the Frog.

Trump supporters gave none of this a second thought, likely just assuming that people like Cernovich and Posobiec simply gained in popularity due to their own hard work and the exposure of the then-new video streaming platform of Periscope.


When the Clinton-supporting media attacked Cernovich and Posobiec and even the cartoon character Pepe the Frog as racist, the Trump base saw these claims as more examples of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Meanwhile, the MSM had no no problem smearing everyone in a MAGA hat with the same broad brush. The average Trump supporter knew this wasn’t true, because their Trump supporting friends weren’t racists and neither were they, so they saw the relentless claims were just more fake news by media that had irrationally hated Trump and his agenda from the minute he came down the escalator at Trump Tower to announce he was running.


What the #MAGA grassroots didn’t know was that Cernovich, Posobiec and even Pepe were being actually being pushed and promoted behind the scenes by a mysterious millionaire named Jeff Giesea, a powerful figure who was actually funding and promoting real “white power” racists.

Giesea’s influence has continued after the election, where he has continued his work behind the scenes with groups like Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA and right-leaning think tanks like the Center for Security Policy.

In an effort to turn the Republican party into something that would sicken Donald Trump himself and try to profit from selling “meme warfare” to both the world’s military and political campaigns, Giesea and his associates like Cernovich and Posobiec were literally supporting the worst of what the mainstream media was accusing Trump and the #MAGA nation of.

The hypocrisy and dishonesty of Jeff Giesea is shocking and it’s being laid out here for the first time, in an effort to help expose the truth about who was actually behind many of the events and people that ended up bringing so much hatred and negative press to both Donald Trump and his real supporters.

Who is Jeff Giesea?

Jeff Giesea may not be a name familiar to many Trump supporters, but during the 2016 election, Giesea’s political connections, organizational and business skills made the him the “man who helped to build the Trump Meme Army” who was directly behind the rise of social media figures like Cernovich and Posobiec. At first glance, most of his resume and public views are exactly the sort of thing that a libertarian-leaning Trump supporter would love.

Jeff Giesea

Giesea describes himself as a private person and keeps a low profile. He currently has no page on Wilkipedia, which is unusual for a person with Giesea’s business and political background, which includes work with billionaire Trump advisor Peter Thiel and the Koch Brothers.

His LinkedIn profile says he is currently a “Strategy Consultant & Executive Coach” and in his Twitter biography, he describes himself as:

Media entrepreneur now interested in politics & national security. Toddler dad, gay, Stanford sports fan, independent thinker. It’s complicated but works.

However, as we’ll see in Part Two of this series, the real Jeff Giesea may be complicated but what he was up to behind the scenes didn’t “work” for either President Trump or his supporters.

Geisea is currently listed (without a biography) as being on the Advisory Council of the influential pro-Trump 501c(3) group Turning Point USA,who are engaged in campus activism through media personalities like Charlie Kirk and Candance Owens. Giesea was previously on the board of the libertarian campus outreach group Students for Liberty. Giesea was also on the board of the libertarian Foundation for Economic Freedom until 2016.

There are few articles about Giesea online, but his coverage in places like Buzzfeed and Wiredfocused on his work with Posobiec and Cernovich on the inaugural DeploraBall party and his work on memes.

Giesea was one of the key organizers of DeploraBall, a series of pro-Trump parties after his election victory. The main DeploraBalll event, that took place in Washington, DC just prior to President Trump inauguration. Cernovich, Posobiec and Jeff Giesea were all in attendance.

Geisea gave a short speech at this event, praising economic nationalism and putting America first, but he also gave a little bit of his personal biography and one detail is worth noting here; a generations old connection to the elite secret society group The Bohemian Club and Bohemian Grove.

I think of my grandmother, who came the United States from Mexico as a small child in the 1920s. Her family wanted the opportunity for a better life. They wanted to be Americans.

While my grandmother was crossing the border, my great-grandfather on the other side of my family was presiding over the Bohemian Club in San Francisco. He was president of the Bohemian Grove, a place of privilege and power. He was a fierce advocate of Western Civilization and ideals.

I point out this link because later in this series, I’ll remind that one of the people hurt most by an association with Cernovich and Posobiec is Infowar’s Alex Jones, who was one of the first outsiders to actually get inside the elite retreat and expose what was going on there.

Giesea’s claim in a Buzzfeed article covering the Deploraball that was was “reforming” the #MAGA movement seems ironic given that he personally supported white power advocated, a topic we well get into in depth in Part Two.

It’s worth noting that Giesea doesn’t appear to view the memes the same way that the average Trump supporter likely does; as a strange offshoot of internet culture, likely pushed mostly by young people who a lot of free time in their hands.

The real story of what is behind these “memes” can be found in Heff Giesea’s own writings. Giesea has published articles and memes and “memetic warfare” on at places like NATO Strategic Communication’s website.

In his article / sales pitch It’s Time To Embrace Memetic Warfare, Giesea lays out this view that NATO should embrace new forms of propaganda:

Memetic warfare, as I define it, is competition over narrative, ideas, and social control in a social-media battlefield. One might think of it as a subset of ‘information operations’ tailored to social media. Information operations involve the collection and dissemination of information to establish a competitive advantage over an opponent. Memetic warfare could also be viewed as a ‘digital native’ version of psychological warfare, more commonly known as propaganda. If propaganda and public diplomacy are conventional forms of memetic warfare, then trolling and PSYOPs are guerrilla versions.

Remember; geese are not against propaganda. It’s making an argument that NATO—one of Trump’s biggest institutional opponents, it should be noted—should use propaganda. And as you’ll, the target of Giese’s guerilla version of propaganda was Trump supporters themselves.

In order to sell his notion of “mimetic warfare” and social media propaganda, Giesea had a video produced that he posted on his personal YouTube page.


Also mentioned in Giesea’s NATO article is another important behind the scenes figure named Charles Johnson.

Charles Johnson

Geese has referred to Charles Johnson as a friend and inspiration. In his NATO white paper, Giesea mentions discussing memes over beers with Johnson in 2015 and in the Giesea has referred to Charles Johnson as a friend and inspiration. In a paper that Giesea published that the NATO Stratcom website, Giesea mentions discussing memes over beers with Johnson in 2015. As BuzzFeed reported in 2016:

When I met Chuck I wondered why we weren’t weaponizing people like him,” Giesea said. “He led me on this intellectual journey.”

We’ll be discussing the role of Charles Johnson in this hoax against #MAGA later in this series, but it’s worth noting that Johnson is also close to other Republicans who are riding Trump’s coattails, like Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz.

In fact, Gaetz brought Johnson as his guest to the State of the Union address, and when he was criticized for bringing Johnson—who is close with several white power advocates—Gaetz used one of Johnson’s longtime friends as a reference; convicted pedophile Jeff Epstein’s friend and lawyer Alan Dershowitz.

Once again, these are toxic connections that seem also designed to make President Trump and his family look bad.

Rep. Gaetz is scheduled to be a featured speaker at October’s American Priority conference, along with Donald Trump Jr, former Turning Point’s Charlie Kirk and Giesea operative Jack Posobiec.

What does Jeff Giesea Want?

In the Wired article about the DelploraBall, Giesea makes his own goal clear: he wants his own version of #MAGA to take over.

“We’re trying to assert our presence as the new type of Republican,” Jeff Giesea, who organized the event with Cernovich, told me before the ball. “This is not your dad’s or mom’s Republican party anymore.”

While the idea of a “new type of Republican” may sound appealing to many Trump supporters, it‘s important to be very careful about listening to someone like Giesea who brags about being adept in propaganda.

As we’ll see in Part Two, the real Jeff Giesea’s vision for a “new type of Republican party.