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Press Release: Alexandra Chalupa Attempts to Shut Down Public Meeting at Cleveland Park Library

This afternoon Alexandra Chalupa, a former DNC operative at the center of the Paul Manafort component of the anti-Trump ‘Russian collusion’ narrative, attempted to shut down a public meeting on Bill Browder solely because I was attending it. I have previously discussed her collusion with the Ukrainian government on behalf of the DNC and collaboration with a convicted bomber to do opposition research against the Trump campaign.

I co-host Fault Lines with Nixon & Stranahan, a radio show on Radio Sputnik. The meeting at the Cleveland Park Library was put together by a listener of that show. Although I work for a Russian-owned media company in the United States, this meeting was not hosted by the Russian government. I did not attend on behalf of the Russian government.

This attempted attack on free speech by a prominent political player should concern journalists, politicians, and American citizens.

I’m grateful to the Cleveland Park Library for standing with free speech in consideration of the constitutional implications of their decisions.

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