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The book-length overview of Ukrainian interference.
The only foreign country to provably interfere in the 2016 elections. The Black Ledger and Paul Manafort. DNC collusion with the Ukrainian embassy. Hunter Biden and the Burisma scandal. The CIA’s decades-long relationship with Ukrainian nationalists. The Euromaidan and the Crimean referendum. War drums against Russia.

Over the course of the next four months we’re going to answer the question: what actually happened during the 2016 Presidential Election?

This Core Narrative is about one piece of that puzzle: Ukrainian interference in 2016.

In a series of articles, interactive timelines, and entries in our encyclopedia, we’ll show how Ukrainian officials worked with the DNC and the FBI as a part of a coordinated campaign designed to destroy President Trump’s presidential campaign and keep him from taking office.

We’ll look at the origins of the Black Ledger that was used for the sole purpose of undermining Trump’s campaign by ousting his campaign head Paul Manafort. We’ll analyze the disastrous efforts of financial kingpins like George Soros and corporate oligarchs like Victor Pinchuk as they’ve put their thumbs on the scales of both American and Ukrainian democracy. We’ll detail the history of the relationship between US intelligence agencies and Ukrainian nationalists. We’ll explore the Hunter Biden-Burisma scandal and his father Joe Biden’s apparent attempts to use political heft for family gain.

We’re launching a new and fundamentally better model for journalism. We want you to join us.

How to get involved

To support this project financially, pre-order the book and movie that we’ll release on Ukrainian interference. If you’re excited about joining this project and are willing to be held to an extremely high standard, you can join the small group of citizen journalists working to make this the most comprehensive look at the 2016 Presidential Election that will ever be done.

1. The DNC & Ukraine

Early July

Our first narrative arc will cover the relationship between DNC operative Alexandra Chalupa and the Ukrainian Embassy as they worked together to smear Paul Manafort.

2. The Black Ledger

Late July

Our second narrative arc will cover the publication and use of of the Black Ledger, the financial document used to push Paul Manafort out of President Trump’s campaign and the source of one of Mueller’s biggest coups in his investigation.

3. The FBI & DoS

Early August

Our third narrative arc will cover the role of the FBI in the founding of NABU, the Ukrainian organization that first released the Black Ledger. We’ll also look at Victoria Nuland and the Department of State as they seed the leadership of the Ukrainian government in the wake of the 2014 revolution.

4. International Influence

Late August

Our fourth narrative arc will cover the role of Victor Pinchuk, one of the largest international donors to the Clinton Foundation, and George Soros, the investor who broke the bank of England and a major player in international politics.

5. Euromaidan

Early September

Our fifth narrative arc will cover the events of the 2014 Ukrainian Revolution, also known as the Euromaidan, including an analysis of what actually happened with the Crimean referendum and its Russian annexation.

6. The CIA Connection

Late September

Our sixth narrative arc will cover the decades-long relationship of the CIA and its predecessors with the most prominent Ukrainian nationalists of the time.

7. The Bidens

Early October

Our fifth narrative arc will cover Joe Biden’s apparent attempts to pressure the Ukrainian government into ceasing an investigation in Burisma Holdings, a company in which his son Hunter Biden was heavily invested.